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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Soul awareness

Awakening to your soul allows you to discover who you are and what you’re truly capable of, enabling you to fulfil your life’s purpose.

I am planting seeds through a body of knowledge, wisdom, and music that embraces the essence of the soul. May you find something here that brings you closer to your true self.

Soul awareness is the doorway to reality, as many things seen through the lens of the personality are not real. Much of the lessons in life are to see those illusions crushed. To truly understand our true selves, we must live beyond the limitations of the personality and embrace the essence of the soul.

Life purpose is all about what one’s soul wants to learn from life. It’s not the details of how we have gone about something that is important, but rather what our choices and attitudes were while making those decisions. To fulfil life purpose, we must learn to cooperate with the soul, so it can work through us.

My approach is compassionate and down to earth. The content here creates awareness for people to source their own inner wisdom and understand the personality-soul connection is in discovering their true selves. My intent is not to get you to take on my beliefs, but rather to challenge your beliefs for a moment, as it may help you see another perspective about yourself and life.

Some topics you may be interested in are:

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