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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Soul mentoring

Awakening to your soul

Soul mentoring is about spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Awakening to your soul connects to the wisdom of the heart, allowing you to discover your true self.

I am a soul mentor, writer and singer-songwriter. I am spiritually intelligent, highly intuitive, and have strong skills and abilities in life and soul purpose mentoring-development, self-awareness and self-discovery.

Many people end up living a life they don’t feel is an expression of their true selves. This is often because they don’t know how to self-evaluate and connect with their own toolkit of wisdom.

Life challenges help to build inner strength, and wisdom. However, if transformation doesn’t take place from those experiences, no wisdom is gained.

Life purpose is all about what our soul wants to learn from this life. Spiritual awakening is the first step in awakening to your soul. One must then learn to cooperate with the soul, so it can work through them in becoming their true self.

Life transitions are often about loss or feeling like you don’t fit in anymore. They are also accidents, buying a house, changing jobs, getting married-divorced, having children, illness. Life transition’s help people develop and grow as individuals, but they are not necessarily a spiritual awakening, although a major transition may trigger a spiritual awakening.

Purpose ^

Originally, I started this website to offer my private soul mentoring to people anywhere in Australia. In 2019 after 25 years, I ceased offering private mentoring sessions to focus on building a body of knowledge, and wisdom to help people to self-evaluate and connect with their own inner toolkit of wisdom.

My writings create awareness for people to identify their real needs, rather than their preconceptions, discover their true selves, and source own inner wisdom.

I am spiritual, not religious. Thus, I do not have a religion, nor believe in a biblical god. I have been on a spiritual path for 35 years and have explored many spiritual philosophies. I am spiritually eclectic, although I draw a great deal from the teachings and philosophies of buddhism and theosophy. You can read more about my story in About Devaki.

I am not here to preach my beliefs, but rather to bring my own insights, and intuitive understanding to life purpose, spiritual growth and path. My writings will have something that resonates with many people who seek purpose in life, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

My intent is not to get you to take on my beliefs, but rather to challenge your beliefs for a moment, as it may help you see another perspective about yourself and your purpose in life.

Topics ^

Topics on this site help people navigate their life paths, self-evaluate, source their own inner wisdom, and embrace their true selves.

How you see yourself, self-improvement, identifying attitudes, understanding issues and making changes to your life:

Understanding different relationships, and thought snippets of wisdom to ponder on:

Discovering life purpose, intuition, consequences of actions, soul awakening spirituality, and music that touches the heart:

Devaki Sokaris
Soul mentor-intuitive-writer:

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