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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Soul mentoring

Planting seeds

Soul mentoring is about awakening to your soul. It connects to the wisdom of the heart, allowing you to discover your true essence, and live the life your soul wants.

The journey to self-realisation is a long one, thus a spiritual awakening is only the beginning of the spiritual journey. Cooperation, commitment and patience is needed to allow the soul to work through one on its journey to be its divine self.

In the beginning, I started this site to promote my soul mentoring sessions. I then began to see the need to provide information that helped people discover their true selves, and it grew from there.

In 2019, after 25 years, I ceased doing private soul mentoring, to focus on building a body of knowledge and wisdom to help people connect with their own inner mentor.

Many people end up living a life they don’t feel is an expression of their true self. This is because they don’t know how to self-evaluate and connect with their own toolkit of wisdom.

As a soul mentor, my role is to plant thought-provoking seeds, and trust those seeds will grow into what they are meant to, thus not being there to influence their growth.

Articles on this site bring insights on soul awakening-wisdom, life purpose, spiritual growth, intuition, karma, meditation, relationships and personal growth.

My writings create awareness for people to understand themselves, connect with their inner soul wisdom, and identify their real needs, rather than their preconceptions.

My intent is not to get you to take on my beliefs, but rather to challenge your beliefs for a moment, as it my help you see another perspective about yourself and life.

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Some areas for which I offer thought-provoking insights to know and understand yourself are:

Devaki Sokaris
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