Devaki Sokaris©Devaki Sokaris Sokaris2019-12-03T03:53:32Z to your soul2019-12-03T03:53:32ZAwakening to the soul allows you to discover who you are and what you’re truly capable of. zone2019-11-12T01:43:20ZYour so-called comfort zone may be exactly where you belong, because it may be the exact place you are serving your purpose. relationships2019-10-21T07:42:45ZAny relationship whether it be friendship, partner or otherwise have lessons for both parties. the path2019-09-30T19:38:15ZEven though we have free will, our personality is in not really in charge, thus we do not get endless rope to continually undermine what’s best for our highest good. see the world though our own lens. The truth is only seen if one sees it how it is, rather than how they are. in one’s life brings a shift in consciousness and new perspective. build inner strength and help you grow. is part of life upon earth, but it is also one of our greatest teachers. qualities are part of what creates our personalities and can be the positive attributes that supports what we become in life. is about being able to view yourself, thoughts, beliefs and your behaviour from a detached perspective so you can learn from what you have observed.