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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


We see the ourselves through our own lens, thus what we see may not be real. These articles explore our self-perceptions.

1.Perception creates reality
When a person’s perception is clouded, it limits them in seeing things from a broader perspective. The only way to change your perception is to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions, and what they are doing to create your reality.
2.Fake it to make it?
The analogy around fake it to make is, one day you won’t need to fake it. Hear that out loud implies you are waiting for a magic bullet to arrive while you are pretending you already have it. Why would you want to pretend to be happy, so you just might trick yourself to believing you are happy.
3.Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
Some people are internal processors, and some are external processors. Which one are you?
4.Why do people try to change you?
Mostly this happens because people are uncomfortable with those who are grounded in walking their own path, so it’s about them not you. It challenges them to face this issue within themselves.
5.A time to self-reflect
Do you worry when you feel like retreating or want to withdraw from people for a while?
Our worth is not measured by what people say to or think of us. It is an inner knowing that cannot be shaken by another person’s opinion. If we place a need for people to constantly tell us we good, we are never going to believe it much longer than the words said.
7.Your growth is yours
We are all not in the same place in life. Some people are more evolved than others, so they can give insight to things one may not be conscious of.
8.Being yourself
Being our self is what we all came here to do. If we strive to discover our true self, we will overtime naturally become more, and more of who we are allowing our inner light to shine through into our physical, and permeate our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
9.Integrating self
The integration of all parts of one’s self is important, and really the only way a person can bring their true self consistently wherever they go. At the very least it takes personal growth and self-awareness to know yourself well.
Integrity means we are only willing to do the right thing and honour the truth. It is much more than just being honest, as it involves integrating your whole being and beliefs. This means that a person with integrity will not only be honest, they will also care about the best interest of others, but above all be true to oneself.
11.We are what we have overcome
It’s amazing what the human spirit can survive. We are all born equal, yet we are not equal in skill, intelligence or self-development, but we are all more than we think we are.
12.Embrace your dark side
Embracing the parts of you that are negative can help you grow.
13.The wisdom in aging with acceptance
What is it really? It isn’t face lifts, and regular trips to the clinic for Botox. When we were younger, we did not look like our skin was pulled, frozen faced or like someone had given us a fat lip. Seriously!

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