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Category:Identifying attitudes

Gaining awareness of thought patterns enables us to understand why we are where we are now. These articles help to identify attitudes.

1.You’ve got this
‘If I can do it, you can’ is a pitch people use who don’t understand we each have a unique path to us.
2.Hope is not wishful thinking
Hope is often based on what is not real. It’s not a promise of an outcome that makes us feel better. Hope works with the greater consciousness of the universes plan, so it doesn’t work with what our preconceptions are. It helps to keep us hanging in there while we accept and adjust to the changes ahead.
3.The problem with mindset
Mindset is just a set of attitudes, nothing new there. The mindset strategies some people are teaching these days are more a set of platitudes.
4.Fulfilment in life
What does it mean to feel fulfilled in life?
5.Long-term goals
This is another perspective to ponder on about goal setting, and is how I work with continual progress.
6.Are you playing the waiting game?
Don’t dwell on the past and dream about what the future may be. Be present in the here and now! Keep your eye on what’s right in front of you, this is where your opportunities and possibilities are, and where you make change.
7.Why do you attract negative people?
We sometimes attract people who are not positive even though we are putting out the right message.
We all have our own unique path in life thus we have our own lessons and healing journey that cannot be learned from someone else’s story or experiences in life.
9.Seeking validation
People seeking unhealthy validation has been around for a long time, but since social media it has become perpetual.

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