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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Some testimonials that site visitors/clients have graciously allowed to be shown on this site. Thank you so much.

Ella, Melbourne   ^

Devaki is super insightful and intuitive, she can, somehow, speak directly to your soul, bringing that soft hesitated tiny little voice inside that we tend to ignore or suppress, into to a loud, explicit and honest conversation.

She has this amazing ability to create a safe place, to ask provoking yet gentle questions that assist you to pay close attention to your unconscious needs and longings, empower the soul to come out confidently and lead the game.

She also reinforced and reminded me of my purpose and mission in this path. I had so much clarity and confidence after the conversation with her. Devaki is definitely a valuable go-to person I would consult again.

Charlotte, Melbourne   ^

Devaki is a very gifted and talented lady, and my session with her was incredibly insightful and helpful.

Not only is she incredibly perceptive, but her words are grounded in both kindness and wisdom. She helped me identify patterns that have been continually repeating throughout my life, highlighting the connection between past and present.

Devaki is incredibly honest and explained the power of choice and how this continually changes and alters our life path, and what we become. I can only highly recommend a session with Devaki, as it is an incredibly rewarding, and enlightening experience.

Cate, Sydney   ^

I highly recommend Devaki, she has an amazing ability to connect with you and help you see inspiring insight into yourself and life.

This is my second session with Devaki, as I first spoke to her a year ago when she helped me change my life, and over the last year I have made a lot of positive changes. Devaki enables the listener to see clearly about their personal direction and examine how they are thinking at the time and how this is affecting their focus on what their true path is. Thank you for your care, understanding, support and for the confidence I gained in a session with you.

Bonnie, Melbourne   ^

Devaki is a kindred soul whose guidance and insight allowed me to see through a really complex challenge. She helped me see the light on a decision that I was not able to make. Both choices I had seemed positive and I struggled to see which one the right path was. Devaki opened my mind to see things from a refreshingly different perspective opening the doorway to take a leap of faith toward my future and best self. Relief!

Mike, Sydney   ^

I got great mentoring and insight into what changes I needed to make to keep moving in the right direction in my life. Devaki gave me great confidence from our session, and new the type of personality that I am, she understood my situation, and knew how to help me. She is a real professional.

Kong, Sydney   ^

I found Devaki to be warm and reassuring. Before our session, my mind was clouded with indecision and restlessness. I found our session a tremendous help. Devaki helped me put things into perspective with clarity and a sense of direction. She opened my mind and allowed me to see the bigger picture and be more empowered. I felt more settled and resolute after our session. Thank you for your wisdom, insight, and generosity.

Simone, Melbourne   ^

Thank you, Devaki, for our session over the phone. It’s really been over the last couple of days that things we spoke about have started to resonate and enlighten my way of thinking about things.

Talking to Devaki was great, she’s extremely down to earth and her mentoring was intuitive, wise and interesting.

It certainly is a transitional time for me and there’s a lot that’s uncomfortable about that but talking to Devaki certainly helped clear the way in many respects, and a couple of days on, things seem to be making more sense and the things we spoke about more relevant. I’d definitely like to have another session with her sometime soon.

Akanksha, Sydney   ^

Ever since I came across Devaki's website, I was pretty sure that I will have a session with her. With a lot changing in my life drastically, I wasn't able to steer clear amidst the cloud of thoughts causing me a lot of restlessness and anxiety. It has been impacted my personality in a strange way.

I am a lot calmer and more positive towards how I perceive things in my life. Her energy and positivity is infectious and it has made me so happy and relaxed. All the stress is gone, and I am ready to explore my new life with her support.

I will recommend her for anyone who wants a genuine person who helps to bring out the best out of you. Take a leap of faith and do have a session with her and you will see if for yourself.

Anna, Sydney   ^

Devaki is not like others I have worked with. She helps you figure out what your soul wants and guides you in the right direction. Overall, I found this type of session to be much more empowering and emotionally healing.

As soon as I picked up the phone, I felt at ease. Not only does Devaki have a very clear mind, her manner is gentle, non-judgmental and supportive, I left the session feeling stronger, ready to take control over my own life.

Jody, Sydney   ^

I purposely waited several weeks to write my testimonial to allow myself time to really absorb the information and assess its relevance. I found the session itself a positive experience and the weeks that followed enlightening.

It’s allowed me to confidently close and open doors without fear of making mistakes. I have renewed strength and determination to build much firmer building blocks for a brighter future.

In many ways the approach was very different than I thought it would be, but it was worth every minute & every dollar.

Nedra, Sydney   ^

Once again thank you for the second session. Again, you put reality into my clouded mind. You opened my eyes and I can now tackle some of my issues without the hard work I thought I had to put into them.

You were 100% about few things and truthfully, I was in denial until your brought them out. I know now what I need to do to move forward. This is the 2nd time you have opened my eyes and allowed me to see certain things that I would have never been able to do so on my own. You are truly amazing. Thank you so much.

Fabrice, Melbourne   ^

My session with Devaki was a true pleasure. I knew that I desperately needed some clarity in my life.

Devaki pointed out to me to take some action in areas of my life that really needs action. Any sort of questioning or insecurity I had regarding my next steps in self-growth were crushed after a session with her, and I had a much clearer idea of the path that I needed to go on and the things I needed to do to get on that path.

I believe that she truly cares about connecting with people and helping them in their lives. I would highly recommend her.

James, Melbourne   ^

I had my second session with Devaki and feel empowered and much more confident. I've recently moved towns and I'm much clearer about the steps I need to take. Devaki has helped me to recognise a limiting pattern that's been holding me back. I've got a plan of action now to break this pattern and I'm feeling on track. Her guidance has made a huge impact on my life.

Maria, Melbourne   ^

I feel very much at ease after my session with Devaki. She truly assisted me at a time when I have felt at a crossroads in life, with many sources of confusion.

There is a very specific career role which I have always dreamed of and sensed I would do at some point - I don't think I have ever even spoken to anyone about this before, but I was shocked when Devaki intuitively spoke to me whether I had thought about it as a career path because it was exactly what I have wanted to do with my studies, despite being quite different to my current career path.

Devaki was also refreshingly honest and identified some of my behavioural patterns which do hinder me in moving forward in certain areas of my life as I continue to dwell on the past and on my own/my partner’s mistakes. I have sort of thought this about myself already, but having that confirmation was a wake-up call for me and I really appreciated it.

She offered me a lot of help to deal with my issues which I found to be very reassuring and empowering. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and would definitely speak with her again as her words have guided me into a much more positive direction and headspace.

Steffi, Sydney   ^

The session with Devaki brought a lot of things to the surface for me and gave them clarity. I was going to a psychologist on and off for about a year and stopped going because I didn’t feel it was helping me. I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Devaki and all the things that came together and finally made sense.

Devaki is kind, interesting and honest, and the session put so many things into perspective, I feel much calmer and I am looking forward to starting on my new journey.

Krista, San Francisco   ^

Devaki doesn’t boast, doesn’t chase the latest trending topics, and doesn’t try to grab attention on social media platforms.

She is quietly brilliant. Whenever she does write, it is a gift.

Her articles will stay with you. You’ll be thinking about them days later. In fact, it will change you for the better if you follow her. Because Devaki understands the soul better than anyone I’ve ever met (besides my Grandma and God, who were never online at all).

You may be in the habit of scrolling your feed, looking for career advice, viral video, or updates from the latest influencer of the week but Devaki’s articles will give you deeper meaning.

If your soul is nurtured and at peace and you know how to fully accept yourself and others, the natural side effect is to seek out a truly meaningful career and relationships in-line with your values and purpose so following her advice will lead to real-world results.

If you care about soul wisdom, follow Devaki. I thank her for giving back so much heart to the world.

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