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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Some opinions which might interest you.

Intellectual flaws        

If you are not personable in what you write, you will not touch the souls of others, make sense, or inspire anyone.

Many intellectuals without heart are not personable thus they write from an inflated ego which does not reach or speak to the hearts and minds of humanity.

If one must spend a long time trying to understand where a writer is coming from, the writer is not really trying to help their readers understand their insights.

Many are fooled that something is deep because they do not understand what has been written. Putting a whole lot of esoteric concepts or other so-called impressive words together are not written to help the receiver understand. If they then tell you, one must understand the mind behind the words to understand or similar, it is nothing more than an ego trip for the writer.

They may then manage to convince some readers that what they write is some profound wisdom, when it is not much more than cryptic esoteric words put together to try and fool people it is wisdom.

A good writer will take responsibility in delivering something to ponder on that makes sense so their reader’s, so they have something worthwhile to ponder on. Anything else is about the writers glamours about themselves, wanting to appear superior and knowledgeable to others.

It is not good to make excuses for other people’s behaviour. Nobody belongs on a pedestal, and the danger of that is people ignore behaviour from that person that is not right. When communicating with others it matters how you deliver it to people when you start to talk to them. Seeking the truth in writing does not justify harming people or ignoring their feelings.

If one thinks people do not matter in the name of truth, they are only interested in coming from an intellectual source. That among other things is arrogant and more about the glamours the writer has about themselves.

We do not need any more coaches        

The coaching industry is flawed. Many are riding on the authority and glamours of the title coach, when it is a false authority they hide behind. They do not understand the psychology of people, thus out of their depths.

Most operate from the same playbook or are one trick ponies using terms like get out of your comfort zone along with hockey mindset mantras.

Much of the coaching industry is selling an unrealistic recipe for happiness and success which does not exist in the first place. People are being led to believe an unreal view of what fulfilment in life is.

Like a lot of advertising they are selling an illusion of happiness and success. This is programming people to think they can reach goals that are not realistic, thus geared to make people think if they are not pushing themselves constantly, they will miss out on something wonderful.

The life you seek and the path your soul wants for you, does not need the input of an outsider that comes with their own agenda and an unrealistic one at that.

If one listens to their own inner wisdom, they will know that they can achieve what is best and for their highest good without a coach. Many will benefit better from taking the inner journey, and some may need the help of a mentor to navigate their life path. Those with serious inner conflicts usually need counselling.

Are you handing your power over?        

Do you really believe the fluff they are peddling about personal growth these days or do you believe it because others do?

True power is not external, it is sourced from the soul which is real. It is only when the soul overshadows the personality does power reflect the real self.

Why don’t you trust your own inner insights?

Think about it, why would you push yourself to be unstoppable thus be guilt tripped in constantly getting out of some called comfort zone.

What do you think your inner wisdom feels about all this? It thinks the personality is in la la land.

The soul challenges one when they need to be challenged, so if you are comfortable where you are right now, you will be allowed to stay there to learn from its experience until its time to discover more.

It’s not for anyone else to decide 5 mins after you’ve got settled into embracing change, you need a swift quick up the bum to get moving. Stop listening to that tripe.

That path is for those who believe there is a magic bullet fast track to reaching potential. The true self does not ask one to be a workaholic. Listen to what the inner wisdom is telling you. If one hasnt got an open channel for the soul to express itself, it drowns in thoughtforms and can’t get through, although it will never give up trying as its committed to steer you in the right direction.

Loving yourself        

We can learn to accept ourselves through inner work, and those who love us, so it makes no sense to say we must wait until we love ourselves before we can love another.

I can’t successfully have a relationship until I love myself. is often an excuse for not wanting to meet the challenges of having a relationship or not feeling worthy of love.

Love itself is not perfect because as humans we are flawed, so there will be some element of dysfunction to the way people love.

Knowing ourselves and inner work are very important. However, one must be aware they will not protect them from the lessons and things they have yet to understand and will discover through embracing love.

One cannot know what some of their issues are until they are challenged. A person can grow in a relationship in ways they couldn’t while single so will learn much about themselves and what their real needs are when those preconceptions are challenged.

No one really loves themselves. We learn to understand ourselves and come to accept who we are.

True legacy is karma        

We all have a purpose to fulfil, and the souls light is shining on it. Why do people think that’s not enough?

The board of karma knows what legacy you are leaving behind, so everyone will be accountable for what they set up while they are here and be responsible for after they leave this world.

Many people don’t value the worth of their life unless they are feeling people will remember them is ways that validates their worth after they’re gone.

Some set out to purposely build a legacy, so they are remembered. This is often self-aggrandising and setting up for an unknown future, thus the cart before the horse.

Our legacy are the seeds planted, they go into the collective consciousness of cause and effect for another time. A real legacy does not have attachment to people. People are not here to be remembered as their preconceptions of what that is. Its best to live in the present, and live life with purpose without attachment to how others remember us.

Thought provoking seeds are about leaving thoughts that don’t focus on self-importance. Those who benefit won’t necessarily remember where the seeds came from.

Deep seeds don’t go that deep into social media platforms. One must be discerning where they plant their seeds, so to be mindful not to use a scattergun approach, but rather to plant them in a potential fertile ground, allowing them to grow into what they are meant to.

One doesn’t need a tribe when they understand their true selves. Those who have too many attachments to people have difficulty in letting go of what others think of them after they are gone.

Random acts of kindness        

'True kindness is wisdom of the heart.' Devaki Sokaris

Telling people about one’s random acts of kindness is seeking attention for one’s good deeds.

Giving a homeless person a meal or a sandwich is not self sacrifice. Many of them need mental health help, ongoing food and shelter. One act boasted about doesn’t change their lives or make someone a good person.

It's absurd to use other people’s suffering for small acts, to bring attention to oneself. If one wants to buy someone a cup of coffee and meal etc, do it, but it’s foolish to think their life is changed because of it.

We are all here to learn compassion. When did society think it was a good idea to score points for being a compassionate human? This behaviour has lost perspective.

Leading by example isn’t about, 'look at me'. If one wants to lead by example, they live in that awareness without seeking recognition.

Compromising spirituality to suit religious dogma        

These insights are to bring awareness to the conflicts that happen when one tries to compromise spirituality to suit religious dogma.

It is a problem when people try to rationalise the beliefs of spirituality to fit in with their religious beliefs. In doing this they conveniently undermine the teaching of other spiritual philosophies, so it doesn’t appear to cause conflict with their religious beliefs.

Those who are fulfilled in their religion do not have these issues. Why then do some people search for more than their religion gives them? They do it because they are not fulfilled spiritually thus, their belief in god alone does not fulfil their spiritual selves.

For many, their souls are leading them away from the limitations of religious dogma so they can explore spirituality from a broader perspective. However, there’s an element of guilt ingrained in them about what they are doing, thus why they try to rationalise things, so they don’t have to face what is being asked of them.

Many will experience conflict from within and from those around them, until a path is chosen rather than trying to blend two different beliefs and philosophies that are very divergent from one another.

One of the reasons many people are still searching for their purpose in life, is because they haven’t been able to discover their spiritual selves, and real relationship to the greater consciousness of the universe.

When they start to awaken to their true selves, religion will be one of the many things that will be challenged. Other issues will be with their families, as their families fear they are moving away from their spiritual roots, so will often try to interfere with their path to stop what is in motion.

As they awaken to their soul more it may challenge them to walk a different path, and one that believes in god from a broader perspective. Being spiritual requires one to be flexible which does not fit with the dogmas of a religion.

Spirituality and religion are not one and the same. Believing in a biblical god does not place one on a spiritual path. Blending the two can present many challenges for the personality about what they believe about themselves, and what they believe god to be.

Psychic ability misuse        

Psychic abilities are not the issue, but rather the misuse of these abilities to prey on vulnerable people who believe in the illusions of a fast track to happiness through predictions, and so-called guidance from the divine.

There are many people on the planet who have psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Each person would have been given this ability to learn from, serve humanity and the greater consciousness of the earth, just like any other gift one may have, thus this gift is no more special than another person’s gift. It is not given to serve one’s glamour’s about who they are or for power or praise.

If it is a person’s purpose to use their psychic abilities to help others, it must be used with integrity and in a way that does not interfere with one’s free will and path to self-realisation.

Many of these psychics will be hiding behind names such as coach, mentor, guide, intuitive counsellor. It is not the titles they are using that is the problem, but rather the way they are using them to groom their potential clients over time. They will often be building relationships with people on social media platforms to build trust.

Predictions interfere with people’s life paths, and the lessons they came here to learn. If a person is given predictions of what their future holds, their opportunities to make different choices, and decisions that change their life for the better have been undermined.

A good psychic will use their ability to help someone know where to look and help pave the way for them to get their own answers. This is not much different than how any mentor or counsellor would work, accept a psychic person may be able to fast track the process of getting a person there because of their ability to source psychic insights about the person.

Those who say they are channelling messages from the divine often have glamours and illusions about what their abilities are, thinking they can dial direct to god. Many are communicating with spirit guides for information. True psychism is higher intuition and is channelled through the higher self, allowing one to seek truth through the higher selves relationship to spirit.

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