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Devaki Sokaris

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Some opinions which might interest you.

Empowerment         ^

We do not actually empower people. Empowerment is a state of being thus not something we can provide for another. A person who says they are empowering others is often boosting their own importance.

We do not give someone strength, and confidence. It is an illusion that people believe they hand power over to others, and in many situations, it is about trying to control others. This behaviour treats people like children rather than adults.

In workplaces, leaders are best to create spaces that their employees can bring their best selves to their work. Many workplaces have too many rules, and policies that do not allow people to be their best, thus it creates limitations for them and squashes their creative energy.

Rules need to be in place, however if the rules in place mostly forbid rather than enable you have a problem. If you want people to be self-empowered, set up environments that allow people to feel liberated.

No-one needs permission or another person’s influence to be empowered. If one feels like they need to empower people in the workplace, its likely they took way their power in the first place by the limitations of a workplace culture.

Plagiarism is not wisdom         ^

Using other people’s ideas, insights, information, writings and passing them off as one’s own is stealing. It is not only morally wrong, but it is plagiarism.

Often those who are trying to deceive others, may try to make it look like their own by not writing it word for word, but rather put a few interleaving words around it to potentially disguise it as their own material. When it is your own works you recognise it immediately.

It does not make any difference whether it was accidental or intentional, as it is still classed as plagiarism. In many cases when you see it as a pattern in someone’s behaviour, it will be intentional.

Wisdom comes about from our own transformation. Sharing someone else’s knowledge as your own is not wisdom. If we do not bring our own understanding to our experiences in life and have transformed from them, we will not have our own wisdom to share.

Many of these people are claiming they have transformed from life experiences in their writing’s, yet they steal other people’s material, which clearly says they are a fraud.

Thinking one has someone else’s knowledge and wisdom by copying their content is rather sad, because the person is delusional in thinking they have something they do not have.

Intellectual flaws         ^

If we are not personable in what we write, we will not touch the souls of others, make sense, or inspire anyone.

Many intellectuals without heart are not personable thus they write from an inflated ego which does not reach or speak to the hearts and minds of humanity.

If one must spend a long time trying to understand where a writer is coming from, the writer is not really trying to help their readers understand their insights.

Many are fooled that something is deep because they do not understand what has been written. Putting a whole lot of esoteric concepts or other so-called impressive words together are not written to help the receiver understand. If they then tell you, one must understand the mind behind the words to understand or similar, it is nothing more than an ego trip for the writer.

They may then manage to convince some readers that what they write is some profound wisdom, when it is not much more than cryptic esoteric words put together to try and fool people it is wisdom.

A good writer will take responsibility in delivering something to ponder on that makes sense so their reader’s, so they have something worthwhile to ponder on. Anything else is about the writers glamours about themselves, wanting to appear superior and knowledgeable to others.

It is not good to make excuses for other people’s behaviour. Nobody belongs on a pedestal, and the danger of that is people ignore behaviour from that person that is not right. When communicating with others it matters how you deliver it to people when you start to talk to them. Seeking the truth in writing does not justify harming people or ignoring their feelings.

If one thinks people do not matter in the name of truth, they are only interested in coming from an intellectual source. That among other things is arrogant and more about the glamours the writer has about themselves.

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