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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


To know oneself is an inner journey. One must be willing to dig deeper and challenge their self-beliefs and perception to know the self.

A person can have lots of experience in life, yet not have much self-awareness. Self-awareness is being able to view your thoughts, beliefs and behaviour from a detached perspective, so you can learn from what has been observed.

To step outside those experiences is to reflect and seek the inner for understanding. Change only happens with acceptance and living within that awareness. Awareness alone does not change anything, you must live in that awareness.

It is pointless to say 'I wish I knew then what I know now, I’d do it differently.' Living in the past isn’t real, and why what you know now is called wisdom in hindsight. However, unless transformation took place from those past experiences, no wisdom was gained from them. Self-growth is not a fast track where you can do 10 years work in a few weeks. If you make good use of your mileage you can reach a place of much more acceptance, and peace with your life.

We all grow at different rates, thus must learn to accept where other people are. It’s their responsibility to take their own journey to realisation, so best to meet people where they are, as your path is to focus on your own life.

However, sometimes we move on from people so not to limit our own growth. People will often try to keep you the same, so they feel safe. It’s often why relationships fail, and people part because the limitations of staying there become too great. People will come and go from life, that’s to be expected and how it is supposed to be.

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