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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Life purpose

What is the meaning of life? These articles explore the inner wisdom, and its importance in discovering one's true self and purpose in life.

Life purpose is about fulfilling the agenda of one’s soul thus to fulfil life purpose we must learn to cooperate with the soul. Our soul’s purpose is to improve itself so it can serve its higher self.

While what we are drawn to do in life largely creates what we have become, our purpose is an unfolding path, and all about what our soul came to learn, experience and understand.

Living our purpose is a path of discovery. It doesn’t mean we are going to love all our purposes, change the world, leave a legacy behind, fulfil all passions, or succeed how we think. We have many purposes and they will change, so when you hear someone say they have finally found their purpose, it is another stepping-stone in the journey, thus will change as they evolve.

Asking people what they think their life purpose is asking them to define it in a box, thus limiting what their actual purpose in life is. This may stress them unnecessarily and end up doing their heads in, rather than help them.

Spiritual lessons are required for one to evolve, they may be hard but facing them is best so not to create more lessons in the process. Its far better to cooperate with them, because they will play out to their best that way, easing any unnecessary inner torment.

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