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In meditation we sit with the higher self. Meditation is the key to spiritual awareness, thus the real self does not reveal itself without connection to the soul.
The gift of anxiety
Embracing anxiety allows us to understand what it is teaching us about ourselves, thus accepting it is part of who we are and what we came here to learn from.
Compromising spirituality
These insights are to bring awareness to the conflicts that happen when one tries to compromise spirituality to suit religious dogma.
Now is all there is
In the moment, now is all there is.
Spiritual path
A spiritual path involves cooperating with actions that do not serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.
The truth about soul mates
This article is mainly focused on love soul mates, as there are many glamours and illusions about what they are and how they serve us.
Spiritual teacher
A relationship one has with a spiritual teacher is a special one and not like a relationship with anyone else. A Spiritual teacher’s role is to bring their students closer to their soul’s.
Life coaches
The coaching industry is flawed. We do not need any more life coaches. Many do not understand the psychology of people, thus out of their depths.
Letting go of attachment is not s practice, attachment to people, places and things fall away when we no longer see ourselves in them, thus think they define who we are.
Life purpose
There is no one sole purpose to life purpose.

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