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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

1.You’ve got this

If I can do it, so can you

‘If I can do it, you can’ is a pitch people use who don’t understand we each have a unique path to us.

We don’t know what another person’s lessons are to become who they truly are, so we need to be inspiring people to follow their own souls and not strive for what others have for the illusion of happiness but rather to focus on what may be possible for them.

We don’t have the right to tell anyone they have got this because you don’t know what they are experiencing so to tell them they have got this can make their circumstances feel worse. Many people have not got this and that’s where they are.

Meet people where they are and show them through your own life what you have overcome which can give them hope that they have their own opportunities for changing life for the better.

We live in a society that gives people false perceptions that they can become a rocket scientist if they want to be by adopting an attitude that they can do it just because someone else could do it.

Everyone will experience times when they have not got this and that’s okay. We need to allow people to work through the ‘’I haven’t got this moment’’. Growth requires commitment and persistence, so there will be times when we are not moving forward. That time can be used to reflect and will often bring some valuable insights.

It’s still a person’s choice how much they are willing to change to grow. It not our place to judge them for their choices. We all have limitations in some way or form because they are there to help anchor us into seeing what is real and where we need to dig deeper.

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