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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

7.Your growth is yours

We are all not in the same place in life. Some people are more evolved than others, so they can give insight to things one may not be conscious of.

However, we are not here to force others to see what we see, no matter the truth, if another isn’t ready to discover what is there. Meeting people where they are and giving them an opportunity to see more is good, but it’s important to allow them their free will to choose what they do or don’t do.

Self-awareness is the key to understanding one’s self. If one can’t view their self, thoughts, beliefs and behaviour from a detached perspective, they won’t learn from what they have observed. We only truly grow for our best when we follow the path that serves our highest good.

Most of what we deal with runs deeper than we actually deal with, but we don’t always have to dig around unnecessarily looking for issues either. Depending on the choices we make from our challenges, what we thought we dealt with may appear again for some more insight and healing.

People talk about getting to the core, but we never will as we wouldn’t be able to deal with that much truth. We are best to deal with what’s highly relevant to our circumstances.

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