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Journey of the heart

Write music that’s true to your heart

Many independent artists will conform to what is mainstream because they fear that if they are themselves they will not be successful or worthy in the music industry.

They are misguided in believing that if they get the best studio musicians, and engineers, and producers to take care of their music this will make them successful. Unfortunately, this is the very thing that will have many artists lose themselves in someone else’s glory and fame.

You often see this in the mixing where they have overstated their stamp on it rather than bring out the true nature of the artist. They also put to much compression on their artists voices burying them into the background, so they can show case themselves making you wonder if the person can really sing.

You must ask the question Why someone wants to show a false perception of who they are for success?

It can be a test for many artists to follow what’s in their heart for their music rather than being attached to an outcome.

The world is full of talented singers and musicians who never make it in the music industry. This is due to many factors and the grace of karma. Many of these artists even bring more value than the artists who are successful. Why is this?

It is not everyone’s purpose to become famous or earn a sustainable living from their music. This can be frustrating when one wants a living from their music. Success isn’t measured by society’s terms, it is measured by what the soul wants for a person’s music.

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