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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Wisdom is seeing things as they are, not as they appear, thus the true reality. Wisdom begins with us and cannot be brought about or heard from the outside.

Wisdom helps you look in to see who you are, which is what inner wisdom is. Like knowledge, experience isn’t wisdom, it is only when we have truly understood our suffering, we have wisdom.

Many people have difficulty with compassion because they are hanging on to a self-identity. If one uses compassion with wisdom, they let go of being too self-centred, then they have the space within them to work with others. Wisdom doesn’t work so well without compassion, because it is wisdom that allows us to act unconditionally.

A person who doesn’t have much wisdom will become fixated on a problem, or only themselves. Having wisdom allows one to know when to move on from current situations, and where to give next.

So, to sum it up, wisdom requires us to work with our inner selves, thus do inner work that enables us to overcome difficulties.

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