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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

7.Why do you attract negative people?

We sometimes attract people who are not positive even though we are putting out the right message.

This also can happen if a person’s inner reality doesn’t line up with their outer reality, so it causes conflict and mixed messages on outer behaviour. It could be due to when a person may be changing their own behaviour and hasn’t fully aligned or integrated it yet.

You can draw people to you that don’t take responsibility for their own actions and don’t treat people with respect as sometimes we have something to teach them or learn about ourselves we might not have been aware of.

Sometimes people are just like blow flies as they have no boundaries and there are others who need to learn something from the right behaviour of others, so they may come into your life for that reason. You will of course have your own learning from this experience as well unique to your own growth. Be aware of your patterns.

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