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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

2.Undermining the path

Even though we have free will, our personality is in not really in charge, thus we do not get endless rope to continually undermine what’s best for our highest good.

The soul isn’t interested in the details of how we have gone about something but rather what our choices and attitudes were while making those decisions.

If one allows their personality to run amok choosing a path of serving personality desire’s, they will likely be headed for a fall down the track. One may then find they will have to redeem themselves from something far greater.

Our higher selves, and the greater consciousness of the earth have a bigger plan in mind to fulfil, thus we are not that important in the scheme of things. As the saying goes The world does not revolve around us.

Choosing a path where we take responsibility for the consequences of our actions, may afford one some grace in the process, but one is only fooling themselves if they think they are then in control of their lessons.

It is not a matter of if one will then fall when creating a path out of bad choices and decisions. It depends on how much rope they have when the fall will occur. Rope gives one an opportunity to choose the right path.

It’s important what decisions and choices they then make going forward. This will determine how hard they fall, as what’s in motion cannot be changed, but riding the storm, rather than resisting, may make the fall a little softer.

We might not always love our life purposes and lessons. However, cooperating with them brings a better sense of peace, fulfilment, and purpose to the life.

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