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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Transformation in one’s life brings a shift in consciousness and new perspective.

Change ^
Change is not effective until one overcomes and evolves through the false perceptions they have about their situation or circumstances.
Choices ^
If you want to have a better life that they can be in control of you will have to make changes in what you think and do. After all, that is what your inner expects from you, and provides you with challenges to learn and make better choices, so you can live a better life.
Choose a path ^
While it is always good to keep your eye on the bigger picture to stay on track and inspired, if you keep that bigger picture as your only destination you don’t allow it to transform into something more than you thought.
Inner toolkit ^
Identifying your own internal toolkit allows you to respond to what is needed rather than you’re your preconceptions which allows you more awareness of yourself, how to improve and how to keep it that way.
Leaps of faith ^
Life presents many situations where we need to take leaps of faith and in those leaps of faith we learn to see the opportunity in the leap rather than an attachment to a particular outcome.
Reality ^
Dwelling on the past is a source for depression. Focusing on the future is a source for anxiety. Living in the present is where you create peace.
Wisdom ^
Another person’s wisdom doesn’t become yours because they pass it on to you. Wisdom is only attained by what you understand and transform in your own life.

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