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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

5.A time to self-reflect

Do you worry when you feel like retreating or want to withdraw from people for a while?

We all come into this world a little fractured but not quite broken. It is in seeing what is right in front of us and the opportunities presented that we can trust in the unfolding path before us. This keeps us on track and true to purpose.

We as humans tend to overthink things sometimes or feel there must be something wrong with us or feel guilty if we need time out for reflection.

We all need to withdraw and retreat for rest, reflection and insights into our next steps at times. It’s good to treat these times as an opportunity to tune out to the outer world a little and allow space for change, and insights that come from within about the next steps on our path. You don’t need to worry if you have lost your way as it is in the silence you hear the voice of wisdom and truth about how to proceed forward.

Being conscious of that journey allows parts of you to wake up that were previously asleep, and this can give more insight into remembering who you are, and what you need to learn and experience.

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