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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

13.The wisdom in aging with acceptance

What is it really? It isn’t face lifts, and regular trips to the clinic for Botox. When we were younger, we did not look like our skin was pulled, frozen faced or like someone had given us a fat lip. Seriously!

Now that I’ve had had fun with cosmetic intervention, let’s get serious.

Acceptance is the key to the many changes we go though in our lives and our bodies are no exceptions. As we age, we will be presented with limitations that effect the way we get on with being here and living our best potential.

Our health may decline in various ways, our body feels like it is defying us, and to top it off we don’t feel we have enough time left to do all the things that have suddenly inspired us.

Is it possible to accept the limitations life presents to us as we age no matter what our culture says? I believe and have no doubt we can.

We can view getting older by looking at the benefits in aging with acceptance. If we have made good use of the journey we have travelled, there is likely to be a good chunk of insight, and wisdom obtained in that journey to share with others.

Our bodies may be aging, but the connection to the life within us still exists as strong. When you are young, you can be more wrapped up in your issues, but when older you notice more to be grateful for.

To age with grace embraces wisdom, patience, gratitude, kindness and humour. This can be obtained through meditation practice, self-awareness and working on acceptance.

When we live life as our true self we adapt to the changes and see them as time to focus on being productive in what’s highly relevant in living with purpose.

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