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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

8.The soul’s agenda

We are spiritual beings having a human life, but it can be hard for one to sense this when life doesn’t always feel like it’s spiritual. We experience challenges, disappointments, grief, and live with limited beliefs of who we think we are. It is our reaction to these things that separates us from our connection to our true selves.

Our soul has an agenda for us to reach it’s potential in life. It will provide us with lessons and challenges that steer us where it wants for that reason.

The soul isn’t interested in the difficulty or pressure we may be feeling in our challenges. Its focus is on helping us evolve towards our best self. Even when some things appear to ease off that we have resisted or need to learn more from, the soul will be finding another way to present what we need to fulfil its agenda.

Purpose in life does not always bring happiness and success in the way a person feels it should. The soul is happy when one is fulfilling its purpose, but on the other hand, one’s personality may be disappointed, having its own expectations.

When we align with our higher selves, we bridge the gap between the inner and outer reality, and feel more contentment in knowing we are following the path that helps us reach our true potential. Once we stop looking to find our soul's purpose, we allow it to find us.

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