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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

7.The purpose of suffering

Desires for things and attachments to people are the cause of suffering because attachments are transitory, so loss will be inevitable.

Things in the universe are changing all the time so joyful moments need to be embraced rather than expect them to stay the same. This also means difficult times will not last forever either.

Attachment in relationships causes suffering, because a person is needing the other person to be in an unchanged state, so they don’t have to change. Non-attachment is living life without one’s happiness being defined on what the outcomes will be.

Any true source of peace, happiness and contentment is not provided by anything outside of oneself although the illusion is there that it exists.

Suffering is a great teacher, and why no human lives without some form of suffering. Through suffering we learn compassion. At some point in life a person may become more conscious of needing to dig deeper in understanding this. This can be triggered by many things like a spiritual awakening or trauma.

This experience may also bring about limitations in the physical or mental, like chronic illnesses or mental illness. This can be lot for the personality to deal with. Much of it will be temporary, but for some it may be a longer journey to learn and heal from.

Often this happens when people are faced with the potential for much transformation in life, so they may feel to make many changes to their lives. They must then learn from the gems in the limitations they face to find peace.

It can be a hard thing for a person to accept that the pain and suffering they experienced was necessary for them to grow.

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