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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

3.The problem with mindset

Mindset is just a set of attitudes, nothing new there. The mindset strategies some people are teaching these days are more a set of platitudes.

Many are frightened to change their perspective, because they have been influenced to think if they have the right mindset, they can manifest what they want. The reality is we are not entitled to have something because we believe it is ours.

We can’t control the decisions and actions of others, so just believing you have a job before an interview will not influence the interview panel. Chanting in one’s head I’ve got the job is not real.

We hear Just stop worrying about failure and focus on mindset. The term change your mindset has become a cliché, like many things losing what is real, and if that isn't enough, we are bombarded with inspirational quotes to keep us going when clearly it isn’t enough.

Failure is part of life, so why do we keep measuring our life by the labels 'failure' and 'success', when they are just experiences that shape us. What one may see as a failure, another will recognize as being something that was not one’s purpose.

All outcomes are not final, but merely a fork in the road for more of the story to be continued, thus what may have been viewed as failure was there to allure one in another direction.

The problem with mindset is it is often a fake it to make it approach, thus being more of a distraction in order to make themselves feel better, rather than deal with what is real. The personality is very good in setting up an illusion of the truth where one can justify their perception of the truth.

Mindset can be helpful in the early stage to get one in the right frame of mind, if one doesn’t fool themselves in believing that is all that is needed. A lot of mindset growth becomes words one mumbles which don’t manifest anything real.

If we create our life from the inside out, our mindset will change naturally to align with what is real. To change we must know what emotional, and thought patterns are driving the decisions we make every day. From there, we can begin to make better decisions that allow us to become who we really can be.

Mindset is not a magic bullet for dealing with issues or manifesting the change you want. Many people have attachments to their limiting beliefs, so need to dig deeper in understanding their attachment before they can overcome them.

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