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Devaki Sokaris

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The power of music

Music has its own way of healing. When created from the heart, it is the essence of soul and spirit, and can be a spiritual expression of healing and light.

Music can heal the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of ourselves in subtle ways. It can trigger aha moments and realisations about the self.

Music can be cathartic thus it helps us release and let go of suffering stored in the bodies of the personality- mental, emotional, and physical. It is not necessarily important that we know what we released unless we are meant to dig deeper there. Sometimes it is the final release of letting go of what I still hanging around.

People often relate spiritual or healing music to be only instrumental meditation type music or Vedic mantras. The genre of music whether it be meditation, folk, pop, country etc is not important nor does it necessarily define whether it is healing or spiritual. Any music that connects us to our inner essence can both be spiritual and healing.

The combination of words and music are important, but words alone will not heal if they do not carry healing energy from the heart. We are not the mind so healing music must resonate with our inner essence, combined with the lyrics and music. The music and lyrics must be aligned with one another, so they work in harmony to bring healing.

A music artist can have a remarkable ability and technique in their vocals and or instrument, but we may not be moved by it other than to appreciate their skill and ability. If there is no there is no heart, there is no healing.

The important thing is not to focus on the words being perfect as it is possible the energy and music can carry a lot of healing that makes the lyrics go unnoticed. One can be stronger than the other but it is best if both elements are there to some degree to balance each other.

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