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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

The journey

The path we take to unravel ourselves in becoming who we are.

Journey of the soul ^

I leap in faith and embrace opportunities to an unknown destination. I hold hands with other kindred souls along the way, enjoy, interact, share wisdom and grow from meeting them. In the realization I walk my path alone, I stop to contemplate, reflect and get fresh perspective with the knowing my soul walks with me, and knows the way.

My path allows me to be different, let go, reinvent myself, discover purpose. It is here I shed the garments that don’t belong to me, learn the grace of humility, and to be more compassionate and kind.

As I pack my bag for the next chapter of my journey I surrender to the mercy of the path my soul wants for me and it quest for me to fulfil its bucket list.

Walk to the sound of your own music.

Devaki Sokaris.

Choose a path you can make happen ^

If you don’t choose a path one will be chosen for you. When people have the belief: “that what will be will be”, they do not understand we are given challenges to make different decisions, and choices that determine the future path.

Opportunities and possibilities ae there for everyone. All roads do not lead to the same destination. When you choose a path, you choose how quickly you want to evolve. Different choices create different outcomes. We have free will to choose how we want to learn and grow.

All I need is a dose of intuition
To shed light on the vision
Show me a path that is real
One I can tread with zeal
I don’t know how long it will take
And wonder what’s at stake
But one thing I’m not about
Is looking for a wrong road out.

Crossroads ^

Although we may meet with the challenge of crossroads in life, a fork in the road is a time to choose a path that changes our life for the better.

Through the mist full of dreams
Nothing is as it seems
Two paths evolve side by side
And in the middle, they collide
One with opportunities and possibilities
One full of clouds and illusions

My inner wisdom takes me by the hand
It lifts me to higher ground
Where clarity is the only sound
Two paths become one
I am one with the truth.

Stepping stones ^

As we create our own destiny the path laid out in front of us is not set in stone. The stepping stones will change direction, move around, present parallel and divided paths for us to choose what to learn, experience, and evolve into becoming who we are.

Although we may wander off track at times we are not necessarily lost but may need to experience something important that helps us understand who we are, what to choose, and where to go.

Life is like a trail of stepping stones
Each one is carefully placed in front
For guidance, stability and strength
Each one presents a new opportunity, challenge or transition
We trip over some
Take leaps of faith
Stub our toes
Nurse our wounds
We walk through some, around others
We lose our way and sometimes wander back
to cover our tracks and begin again
Where does the trail begin?
Where does it end?

May you find peace in a place you've always known ^

Your soul is not broken, it doesn’t need healing, nor does it need to be saved, it is evolved and knows your potential. Our inner is trying to tell us the real story, but we often choose to listen to the noise of our personalities and others instead.

I’ve lived in lots of other places
And lots of other spaces
I’ve been lost, and I’ve been found
But wherever I go I’m reminded
Of where you are, in my heart in my home

I’ve been consumed with my fear
And lost what I thought was dear
Only to discover nothing was lost
For wherever I go I find new things
To be found, in my heart in my home

I know now this was always home
While I was looking for somewhere else
And now it’s clear that I was wasting my time
Looking for a greener grass on the other side.

What you need to know is within you wherever you go!

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