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4.The gift of anxiety

Finding peace in the message

I speak from my own experience and observation of others with anxiety, and the understanding I have also gained myself, having lived with a general anxiety disorder most of my life.

I believe embracing it allows you to understand what it is teaching you about yourself thus accepting it is part of who you are and what you came to learn from.

Many people will experience some form of anxiety in their life. However, when it is there regularly when there is no apparent threat to one’s life it has a negative effect on spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Anxiety can present as fear, restlessness, unable to focus, insomnia, being irritated, panic attack and much more. It can make a person feel like they are alone in what they experience. Some who suffer anxiety may never be without it thus it can be there all the time.

Anxiety is personal and differs between people. It takes a lot of courage and energy to push through when the impact is challenging but it can show a person what they need to improve and grow from.

I believe there is a hidden gift in what anxiety can teach a person as it’s not anxiety that is the real issue but rather something else that calling for one’s attention. Repressing anxiety is not a good option because it will just persist as it has its own agenda to complete. Every time I have faced the challenge of its presence, I have moved forward more evolved in understanding myself better.

I have found that being spiritually aligned has given me a strong connection with the soul and allowed me to live a meaningful life. Identifying your own internal toolkit allows more awareness of yourself so can help a great deal with anxiety because you can then respond to what is needed rather than your preconceptions of what’s real.

Many will overcome the trauma thus feel no physical or emotional pain from the events which initially triggered the anxiety but sadly some don’t get that far. However even after one has overcome the physical and emotional components of trauma, they still carry a byproduct of that trauma being the pattern of uncertainty triggering the anxiety so it will manifest in other things not related to one’s past trauma. Because of this many will experience anxiety for the rest of their incarnation to learn from and the potential to break the pattern of that uncertainty.

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