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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

10.The ego and its baggage

The personality has huge potential as it is an expression of the soul.

People often speak about the ego and see only a negative perspective. The ego is merely the personality self. The word ego is a problem because it has so much baggage-stigma attached to it, thus viewed many ways by people.

Too many are quick to judge how unevolved people are. Ego this, ego that, which is only a display of personality judgments about people they know nothing about, or how evolved they are.

The soul makes personalities to work with and is learning how to make better personalities to work with, thus the personality is an expression of the soul, so it is not possible for it to be all bad. We are here to align the personality with the soul, thus wake up to our true selves, so more of our true essence can permeate our thought’s feelings, and actions.

Not all personality is negative, as there are higher and lower aspects of the personality. The personality is not either dark or light as some would see it. Black and white approaches do not allow any flexibility or allow one to see the broader perspective and understanding of one’s personality and their relationship with their higher self.

One of the hardest lessons on the path is to allow others to take their own journey to self-realisation. In other words, it is none of our business, because it is between them and their souls how they choose to evolve.

Many are trying to evolve through their emotional body which is one of the few aspects of the personality as well as mental, and physical. One of the issues is people will often see the world how they are, rather than how it really is.

If one wants to understand their true essence and potential, they must align with their inner wisdom to allow more of their soul light to permeate their thoughts, feelings, and actions. That is what determines how one will evolve and how evolved their personality is.

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