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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

2.Taking on other people's truth

People influence people and follow other people’s truth when they are not in charge of their own life.

They hand power over to others in knowing what’s best for them. As children this will happen as we have not yet had enough life experience and yet developed our personality traits so will take on much of what isn’t ours.

As we grow up we need to obtain much self-awareness in knowing who we are, so we can throw away what doesn’t belong to us.

How often do you hear people say “my mother always said this like its the gospel truth” because they are sharing the words of others rather than knowing who they are?

It’s interesting how people just accept something as truth without asking the question, “is this mine and does it resonate with me”?

We are born knowing who we are but forget as we are programmed by our parents, school teachers and society to take on their opinions to later realize these are not ours and rediscover who we are. Sometimes it can take years to offload these beliefs until you finally become your own person.

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