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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

6.Surrendering to the gift of change

If people find a way to cope rather than change, they don’t grow through challenges to their best. Coping implies I can’t change anything. If you can look at the challenges in life as just the flow of life you don’t feel as challenged to change when that is your intent as you are just embracing what helps you grow.

No one changes without the willingness to face false perceptions about themselves or situation. Challenges build inner strength. The limitations we are faced with are, so we can focus on what we can do to change life for the better rather than what we can’t. There is often the tenancy for many to become victims to their own struggles rather than embrace the opportunity to transform themselves through difficulty.

Change makes everyone feel uncomfortable but evolving doesn’t come without discomfort. It’s more important we understand why we need to change. From there, we can begin to make better decisions that change life for the better.

Some people say they want and are willing to implement change, but they still want to control the change for an outcome. It is in being attached to the outcome that blocks growth.

Resisting necessary change only causes more tension, and pushes us more to change. The more fight, the harder one must work at resisting. It wears us down and drains our energy.

Being stuck is often a choice when a person is frightened to embrace change. Once you allow your perspective to change opportunities and possibilities can be seen to make change for the better.

When you let go of what no longer serves you, it allows you to make space for positive change. After all we don’t let go of something in the first place had our higher self not nudged us in the right direction of what no longer serves us.

Sometimes the letting go is more about the pattern we have got used to having around than what we need to move on from. The discipline can also be to stay true to ourselves by not allowing others who were attached to the way we were before, to try and change us to fill the void they feel as a result.

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