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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Suffering is part of life upon earth, but it is also one of our greatest teachers.

Attachment ^
Be present ^
Don’t dwell on the past and dream about what the future may be. Be present in the here and now! This is where your life begins and unfolds.
Compassionate listening ^
Compassionate listening is allowing another to speak without interruptions or judgement. Its not about you, its about the person speaking. We listen with intent to help another express themselves allowing some relief from suffering.
Hope ^
Hope is not wishful thinking. It is something that helps a person believe their situation will get better. It gives them energy to keep going. It is in letting go of control you find ways to see differently given opportunities and possibilities that may be in front.
Pedestal ^
When a person puts one on a pedestal they transfer an unreal ideal onto them. They will ignore the things that the person does because they want so much for them to be the illusion of the ideal they created. It all comes crashing down as they see the human person they chose to be blindsided to. Its unhealthy and never ends well.
Soul ^
The soul is not concerned with the pain the personality experiences. It creates personalities, but one’s personality is far from perfect so if the soul needs to bring learning for growth a person will experience this.
Suffering ^
Suffering can be transformational. Once you have understood your suffering, you have wisdom.
The past ^
Being clouded by an image of what you wanted a lifetime ago is a recipe for false suffering and disruption to the life waiting for you to live it.
The path ^
The path to purpose includes pain and suffering as one lives through the experience, learning and lessons the soul provides for one to understand who they truly are.
World peace ^
We are not separate from humanity, so it is important what our actions and thoughts are as have an impact on the world. The suffering of others is our responsibility because we have added to the world situation in some way however small it may be positive or negative.

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