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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Spirituality is a broad term for all things people believe to be spiritual, thus it can be both fickle and vague.

Spirituality means different things to people. Yes, we are all on different paths but essentially, we are all here for spiritual growth as our lessons are of that nature even if one does not consciously know so.

If someone tells you they are spiritual or even on a spiritual path it doesn’t tell you much, as they have their own ideas of what a spiritual path is, and even possibly one that may have been compromised to suit their personality desires rather than real spiritual perspective.

A spiritual path itself is not fickle nor does it focus on the personality’s desires. A spiritual path requires one to focus on fulfilling the needs of the higher self rather than desires of the personality. Spiritual growth involves cooperating with actions that do not serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.

In that process one must let go of attachments to things, possessions and people that do not serve the souls higher potential. Through this process one will come to the realisation their wants are not what their higher self needs.

Many people only circle the surface of spiritual matters, and often conveniently convert them into what they desire rather than their true spiritual nature. This is because the personality is at play, not the higher self.

When this happens people are under the illusion they can manipulate energy through the law of attraction or other mindsets into having what they desire in life, so will listen to unreal information like you can be anything you want. Only a fool believes they are in control of their spiritual lessons. Many will learn on the path that the personality is not actually in charge.

The universe does not take care of everything as we are responsible for ourselves. The universe responds to our thought, feelings, and actions so it is only cooperating with what we manifest through our own thoughts, feelings, and actions, thus we are at the consequences of our own actions.

Challenges that fall our way are for our spiritual growth whether one considers themselves spiritual or not. Our inner supports us in taking control of our own lives, thus expects us to be mindful what our thoughts, feeling and actions are manifesting in our life.

Where anyone is on the path is not my business, and between them and their own souls. I meet people where they are, but I don’t support nonsense that gives people ideas that raising their consciousness can be gained by shallow methods that are not real.

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