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Spiritual teacher

A relationship one has with a spiritual teacher is a special one and not like a relationship with anyone else. A Spiritual teacher’s role is to bring their students closer to their soul’s.

There are different types of spiritual teachers and their levels of advancement will be different. Advanced spiritual teachers radiate an energy that can shift the energy as soon as they walk into a room. A true spiritual teacher does not create dependence. A good one will help their students become their own guru.

Some students have a more personal one on one relationships with their spiritual teacher as the spiritual teacher may be training them to go out into the world as spiritual teachers. The student as a result will have sped up spiritual growth.

Choosing a spiritual teacher is not a path everyone chooses on their spiritual path, nor may it be their dharma to do so. If one forces themselves to seek a spiritual teacher when it is not right for them, they may experience many major inner conflicts they cannot resolve causing more suffering to the life.

Those who quote their spiritual teacher regularly, the guru said this, the guru said that are not taking responsibility for the teachings given. A teacher expects their students to question what they have been told, and ponder on them for their own understanding. The teacher wants one to think for themselves and not parrot their teachings and quotes like a textbook.

The truth is revealed within us; thus, we must discover it from our experience, not our belief. If one cannot explain it from their own understanding, they have not transformed from it, thus no wisdom has been gained.

Any spiritual teacher who cannot explain their wisdom hides behind the false authority of intellectual communication, books, scriptures, and rants. They do not live in the so-called awareness of what they preach.

A spiritual teacher can bring significant spiritual growth to the life, but we must be careful when choosing, as the world is full of self proclaimed gurus.

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