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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Spiritual perspective

Spiritual perspective allows one to view their life from a place of something that serves their highest good and greater than them giving one’s life more meaning and purpose.

Bridging the gap ^
Discovering your true essence and gifts bridges the gap between your inner self, and outer reality giving you a better sense of inner peace, direction and insight about the life waiting for you to live it.
Enlightenment ^
Enlightenment is the final state of being where one has no desires or suffering. It is a change in one’s perspective that enables them to see differently allowing one to become unattached to people, places and all things. Every step towards enlightenment is another step of self-awareness, however the more self-awareness is gained, all will not be revealed as positive.
Evolving ^
In the long run, drawing on your inner truth about purpose in life is more effective than pushing yourself to reach goals that may end up being driven by the glamour’s and desires of your personality, or what other people want for you, rather than what’s real to your path.
Growth ^
If one entertains the personality too much for growth, the soul may still be breathing, but it won’t be able to get a word in edgeways.
Heart ^
Living from the heart comes from a place of intuitiveness and requires you to grow a stronger relationship with yourself, gain more self-awareness, and honor your inner wisdom.
Higher intuition ^
Higher intuition is the is wisdom of the heart thus living from the heart comes from a place of intuitiveness and requires you to grow a stronger relationship with your inner wisdom.
Inner journey ^
We walk our path alone and must take that inner journey by ourselves as no one can walk the path for us, but those who walk with us for some of our journey help to teach us more about ourselves, the world around us, and our purpose in this world.
Intentional living ^
Living with intention can still be wrong intent. Our thoughts are a forerunner to our actions. To live with right intent means one’s actions and thoughts are from a place of renunciation, goodwill and compassion rather than intent to desire and harm.
Kindness ^
True kindness is wisdom of the heart.
Knowledge ^
Unless transformation is gained from knowledge there will be no wisdom, and without wisdom, there is no right use of knowledge.
Spiritual lessons ^
Most people see lessons as only mistakes and wrong choices not to be repeated thus learned in hindsight. Spiritual lessons are also the grief, divorce, heartbreak, illnesses (mental and physical) etc as we are given them to work through to understand ourselves.
Spiritual path ^
Following a spiritual path requires one to focus on fulfilling the needs of the higher self rather than desires of the personality. Spiritual growth involves cooperating with actions that don’t serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.
The middle path ^
Walking the middle path gives you a better sense of balance in all things, so we are not excessive one way or the other. It requires you to trust life. It is in this state we come to be in the present where opposites will exist around us. Its best to view it as not a path between two paths but rather a different path that doesn’t go to extremes.
True self ^
When we align with our highest good we don’t have to be fuelling a fire for the sake of it. Once we stop looking to find our true self, we allow it to find us.
Truth ^
There is no religion higher than the truth. The truth is revealed within us; thus, we must discover it from our experience, not our belief.
Wisdom ^
Wisdom can be obtained at any age if one overcomes their challenges. One must make the most of their mileage.

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