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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Spiritual path

A spiritual path involves cooperating with actions that do not serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.

A spiritual path is made out to be more complicated than it is. There are many spiritual teachings out there that bring much confusion to people seeking a spiritual path and its attainability.

A spiritual path is hard, but it is simple. People overcomplicate and over analyse spirituality and their purpose in life to death. A soon as one does that they are outside the presence of spirituality.

The purpose of one’s soul is to take the journey to self-realisation. The soul will choose a body and life to experience what it needs to work out its karma. It is only when we have understood our suffering wisdom is gained that transforms the life.

We are all here to serve soul and spirit, and in that we serve the earth and humanity with our true selves. Until one experiences that inner truth, they will continue to identify themselves through their experiences in life rather than the heart of their inner essence.

The heart is the gateway to our spiritual selves. Love transforms us and as spiritual beings we all have this within. Love is not about doing; it manifests in the stillness. It does not need to be intellectualised through words. There are no words, for it just flows through us.

People must get out of their minds to experience the inner. To be present, is to feel the inner bodies. In that consciousness there is no past or future, only now. Once you are in the awareness of your true self many issues begin to fall away and are seen for the illusions they are.

Some people need many lives of personal growth before they are ready to wake up. So, they work with their personalities’ inner conflicts. They then start to slowly open their hearts to their souls. This may evolve over many lifetimes until they are ready for more.

There is a lot of stigma about people on spiritual paths having to present with good physical and mental health. A spiritual path challenges the inner, so when we take on that path, we agree to accelerate spiritual growth. While that may bring a lot of benefit to the life, it also brings inner challenges, which can cause health issues. It will depend on where one’s weak points are what may manifest there. You will often find many spiritual teachers who have health issues because of this.

Glamours ^

Some people get caught up in glamours about who they are on a spiritual path and that they must become a saint or make unrealistic sacrifices in life to walk a spiritual path.

A spiritual path will often test one in choosing between the glamour’s of the personality or surrendering to the higher self. Personal success from one’s desires is not a spiritual path, but rather an avenue that undermines a spiritual path.

Many believe they have had a spiritual awakening because they walked away from marriages, people etc. However, the actions that then followed what they believe to be an awakening do not align with what that really is.

What they experienced was a life transition which is more about loss or feeling like we do not fit in anymore. They then go on to talking about themselves as awake to their spiritual selves and path. Unfortunately they have only escalated their ambitions of the personality and go on to fulfilling them with a vengeance, becoming delusional about their newfound spiritual power.

In the western world it has become a misplaced fashion with some just like another goal or ambition of the ego to go with their crystals or mala beads for show. Many like to talk about spirituality but talk is not transformation, thus they are outside of their spiritual selves. Transformation only takes place when the awareness has been shifted to the importance of their higher selves.

Many have glamours about what their life purpose is, so they don’t see they are already living many aspects of their purpose already. They then begin to search outside themselves for answers, rather than source their own inner wisdom. One would have to be resisting all opportunities, and everything in front of them to not be living with purpose.

Undermining the soul ^

Even though we have free will, our personality is in not really in charge, thus we do not get endless rope to continually undermine what’s best for our highest good.

The soul isn’t interested in the details of how we have gone about something but rather what our choices and attitudes were while making those decisions.

If one allows their personality to run amok choosing a path of serving personality desire’s, they will likely be headed for a fall down the track. One may then find they will have to redeem themselves from something far greater.

Our higher selves, and the greater consciousness of the earth have a bigger plan in mind to fulfil, thus we are not that important in the scheme of things thus the world does not revolve around us.

Choosing a path where we take responsibility for the consequences of our actions, may afford one some grace in the process, but one is only fooling themselves if they think they are then in control of their lessons.

It is not a matter of if one will then fall when creating a path out of bad choices and decisions. It depends on how much rope they have when the fall will occur. Rope gives one an opportunity to choose the right path.

It’s important what decisions and choices they then make going forward. This will determine how hard they fall, as what’s in motion cannot be changed, but riding the storm, rather than resisting, may make the fall a little softer.

We might not always love our life purposes and lessons. However, cooperating with them brings a better sense of peace, fulfilment, and purpose to the life.

Ego ^

In a psychological term, the ego is only a small part of the thinking consciousness. When you are dealing with the total personality there is much more going on.

The personality involves a lot more directing consciousness than just ideas of identity (sense of self). The personality carries the emotional, mental and the physical.

I use the term personality because it deals with the totality of the personality self, not just one aspect thus the ego, as that limits the broader aspect of the lower self and its relationship with the higher self.

The soul makes personalities to work with and is learning how to make better personalities to work with in each life, thus the personality is an expression of the soul, but it is flawed.

It is not easy to define the higher mind in objective terms. Analysis will not help us understand the higher mind, as we must be it rather than talk about it. When you try to describe it, you have automatically become outside it.

The higher mind is very definitive when we are in there, but we are only in the higher mind at times because the personality pulls us out of it. The higher minds nature needs to be experienced. We cannot separate our consciousness from it and experience it.

We must be open to it and then it will be revealed. We cannot think our way in there. Trying to describe it takes us out of the space of being able to experience it.

Thoughts of the higher mind are definitive but they hard to describe, as the higher mind is highly subjective. It demands being identified with so if you cannot objectify it, you are outside it.

The lower mind is about logic. We need an anchor which gives a sense of what is real, thus we need the higher mind so we can have right thought.One effective way to engage the higher mind is to sit in contemplation and ask, what is the truth. You must be open and stop analysing.

You sit in quiet and offer up questions to you inner. The answers may come in the siting or at a completely different time when you least expect it. You must give space, be patient and allow it to seep into your subconscious without analysing it, thus allow it to do its work in your subconscious, sleep on it. During the sitting and outside the sitting you must be present and aware, because answers may come in the form of symbols, archetypes, and dreams. The inner speaks to us in a language words cannot often express.

Right balance ^

Walking the middle path gives us a better sense of balance in all things, so we are not excessive one way or the other.

It requires us to trust life. It is in this state we come to be in the present where opposites will exist around us. Its best to view it as not a path between two paths but rather a different path that does not go to extremes.

The eightfold path brings together the balance of right action on the path and does not ask one to make unrealistic sacrifices and changes to life. One must do what’s right for them within reason. Going to extremes may cause far too many imbalances to the inner bodies and take one away from the very thing they are trying to manifest.

There are things one may want to embrace on a spiritual path whether it be how much time they give to meditation, become vegetarian-vegan and other practices they feel bring light to their spirituality. The important thing is not to try and do things that bring unnecessary suffering or risks to the health for the sake of spirituality.

People will come and go from our life thus as we change people will walk away from us, and us them. This is a natural transition for working out what serves our highest good best. The inner will guide us on what we need to change whether it be food, exercise, people, places, career, and other things. There will be some tweaking and letting go. Although this may feel challenging right balance is all about simplifying the life.

Some may want to explore a few spiritual philosophies and incorporate them into their way of life and thinking, whereas others may be trying to find a home where a spiritual philosophy resonates with them. This may or may not include them choosing a spiritual teacher.

There will be many spiritual teachers along the spiritual journey which may be taking you to your spiritual teacher or come from aspects that you are integrating on the spiritual path, there are no rules. It depends on the soul’s agenda whether we choose a spiritual teacher or not. All this will fall into place naturally.

Spirituality is not an all or nothing approach. Its best not to get caught up in the projections of others and learn to tune in what is right for us.

Spiritual awareness ^

Gaining higher consciousness is spiritual awareness that allows us to go beyond the limitations of the mind’s fixation with the past and future, thus we feel more awareness with our spiritual selves.

Spiritual intelligence will be evolving in people who walk the spiritual path. A person who is on a spiritual path must learn to act from a place of the higher self rather than the personality.

To live with spiritual awareness means you realise who you are and live in that awareness, thus you not only know it, but you also live it. If someone criticises us or insults us, we know our real gifts and that beauty can never be taken from us. This is what drawing on our spiritual strength is.

Finding peace within comes from the realisation of who we are, our true self, and when we have this, we no longer project a false impression of ourselves, thus we start we see the world how it is, not how we are. That is the soul’s wisdom in action.

Spiritual awareness helps to free us from the unhealthy neediness and attachment to personal relationships with others. We then enjoy the relationships for what they are without attachment to outcomes.

Many have the knowledge and some understanding of themselves, but to experience soul awareness requires us to place more importance on our relationship with our higher selves to fulfil our soul’s life purpose.

Leaps of faith ^

Leaps of faith come from the inner and are part are part of our spiritual lessons to grow.

If the personality self does not understand the nature of the leap of faith a person will be focusing on the material outcomes, they desire rather than the gift that is presented form the leap.

At some level, a person taking a leap of faith is unconsciously following their soul’s agenda for them even if they are not seeking spiritual growth. The soul has its own bucket list for you to grow and will find many destinations to help you get where you need to be, and one of them involves the trust in taking risks.

How often do you hear a person say their choice was a mistake after a leap of faith because from the clouded perspective of the mind they did not get what they wanted when chances are, they did take the right path, but then sabotaged the opportunities given by placing blame on the decision, because emotionally they thought they had been dealt a bad hand. This may be because they never really trusted their decision or understood the opportunity it may provide in the first place.

When we live by fear we only focus on what not to do because every decision we make gives us an opportunity to learn from it, and not repeat patterns that disrupt our growth. The path of fear keeps us stuck and does not provide any advancement in reaching our highest potential. When you learn from leaps of faith, future ones will have outcomes you may understand better because you have become more aligned with your higher purpose in life.

Leaps of faith have little to do with the personality’s desires for money and power. Focusing on material needs does not allow a person to make decisions that can give their lives real meaning and purpose, thus changing their lives for the better. They are not all about getting what you want, but learning what you need to understand about yourself, and your purpose for being here.

Inner guidance ^

The inner wisdom is deep within our hearts and when we realise the voice in our heads is not the true self, it is a very freeing moment to know we are not the mind.

Silence is found in the stillness and within that stillness we hear the whispers of the soul. The voice in our heads is only the minds constant chatter for attention, it loves drama. The whispers of the soul are deep within the heart and is place where we access our inner wisdom and truth.

The personality likes attention and wants to live in the past. Our minds are basically a mess running many thought forms 24 seven. Constant mind chatter and noise separates us from experiencing the real self.

In the outer world we are constantly presented with different versions of the truth by society, and illusions of what is real. Developing a better relationship with the higher self allows a person to discern whether what they hear is what they want to hear or the voice of truth. With time it gets easier to know the difference between what is real or unreal.

Meditation and contemplation are especially important as they connect us to the higher self. Meditation transforms the bodies of the personality thus without it there will be no spiritual growth.

Contemplation is best done separately from meditation. You sit in quiet and offer questions to your inner. The answers may come in the siting or at a completely different time when you least expect it.

You must give space, be patient and allow it to seep into your subconscious without analysing it, thus allow it to do its work in your subconscious, sleep on it. During the sitting and outside the sitting you must be present and aware because answers may come in the form of symbols, archetypes, and dreams.

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