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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

1.Spiritual growth path

Spiritual growth involves cooperating with actions that don’t serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.

We are all here for spiritual growth whether that is acknowledged or not. To evolve your spiritual self requires you to focus on fulfilling the needs of the higher self rather than desires of the personality.

Choosing a conscious spiritual path is about working with the personality to serve the souls wishes. This path will often test one in choosing between the glamour’s of the personality self or surrendering to the higher self. Personal success from one’s desires is not spiritual growth, but rather an avenue that undermines a spiritual path.

There is a lot of stigma about people on spiritual paths having to present with good physical and mental health. Spiritual growth challenges what needs to be healed, so when you take on that path you agree to step up your growth. While that may bring a lot of benefit to the life, it also brings inner challenges, which can cause mental, emotional and physical health issues. It will depend on where one’s weak points are what may manifest there.

The inner shows us where we need to do work on ourselves. The process can take a long time for most, because there is often a major life lesson- pattern that is being dealt with in the present life. Ongoing growth is a constant work in progress.

The purpose of one’s soul is to take the journey to self-realisation. The soul will choose a body and life to experience what it needs to work out its karma. Unless transformation is gained from life experience’s wisdom is not gained. It is only when we have truly understood our suffering wisdom is gained that transforms the life.

Communicating with the language of the soul embraces the true self rather than the preconceptions of the personality. It digs deeper in the self-bringing about transformation, and healing.

Listening to the inner wisdom for answers and guidance in life is a more effective way to integrate spiritual lessons. It speeds up growth and can be quite challenging, but it has the potential to move through things more effectively.

Gaining higher consciousness is spiritual awareness that allows you to go beyond the limitations of the mind’s fixation with the past and future, thus you feel more awareness with your spiritual self.

Spiritual intelligence will be evolving in people who walk the spiritual path. A person who is on a spiritual path must learn to act from a place of the higher self rather than the personality.

To live with spiritual intelligence means you realise who you are and live in that awareness, thus you not only know it, you live it. If someone criticises you or insults you, you know your real gifts and beauty can never be taken from you. This is what drawing on your spiritual strength is.

Finding peace within comes from the realisation of who you are, your true self, and when you have this you longer project a false impression of who you are, thus you start to see the world how it is, not how you are.

A spiritual path helps to free you from the unhealthy neediness and attachment to personal relationships with others. You enjoy the relationships for what they are without attachment to outcomes.

Many have the knowledge and some understanding of themselves, but to experience soul consciousnesses requires one to place more importance on their relationship with their soul and the greater consciousness of the universe. When you are connected you no longer search for the meaning in life.

Some methods used in spiritual inner work are:

  1. a.Meditation - cleansing inner bodies, connecting with the higher self.
  2. b.Contemplation - offering up questions and issues for answers within.
  3. c.Guided imagery - transformation, cleansing, promotes healing.
  4. d.Spiritual energy healing and counselling - releasing the past, old beliefs and patterns, restore harmony to energy bodies, heal relationships, discover life purpose.

Some things to ponder on are:

  1. a.Your future depends on how you respond to the present.
  2. b.You are responsible for what you experience in life.
  3. c.Your disturbances are not created on the outer.
  4. d.True transformation happens through inner work.
  5. e.Non-attachment will free you from suffering.
  6. f.You are a spiritual being having a human life.
  7. g.You are here to learn spiritual lessons.

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