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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

6.Soul's journey

The path to self -realisation is a journey within between one’s relationship to soul and spirit. It is important to understand the personality-soul connection is in discovering one's true self.

The journey of the soul is to seek perfection, thus it is improving itself, so it can serve its higher self which is spirit. We are part of a higher consciousness that returns to the oneness of source.

The soul is learning from the personality so it can make better personalities for it to work with when we are reincarnate, thus the personality is an expression of the soul.

Soul awareness is a work in progress and helps us align with our true selves, so if we are embracing and cooperating with that, we are discovering what our souls are capable of. Approaching the path with flexibility and embracing the journey allows one to discover how they are evolving.

Soul awareness is the doorway to reality as many things seen through the lens of the personality are not real. Much of the lessons in life are to see those illusions crushed. To understand our true selves, we must live beyond the limitations of the personality and embrace the essence of our higher selves.

It is not the details of how we have gone about something that is important to the soul, but rather what our choices and attitudes were while making those decisions. To know ourselves, we must learn to cooperate with the soul, so it can work through us.

Many who say they have inner peace are likely to be experiencing astral peace not inner peace, so this does not mean that they have soul awareness. One does not experience inner peace as an imperfected human. Any peace one may feel on the will be disrupted by the soul as they are pushed to step up more, so you see peace does not reside for long as one challenged on the path to self-realisation.

Meditation is an important key to spiritual development as it facilitates the personalities alignment with the soul. Living a soul guided life embraces the true self and allows one to go beyond the limitations of the mind’s fixation with the past and future, allowing more awareness with the spiritual self.

This is a concise introduction to the soul’s journey. Please see related sites at end of article to read a detailed path of the soul’s journey.

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