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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

1.Soul's journey

The path to self -realisation is a journey within between one’s relationship to soul and spirit. It is important to understand the personality-soul connection is in discovering one's true self.

The journey of the soul is to seek perfection, thus it is improving itself, so it can serve its higher self which is spirit. We are part of a higher consciousness that returns to the oneness of source.

The soul is learning from the personality so it can make better personalities for it to work with when we are reincarnate, thus the personality is an expression of the soul.

Soul awareness is a work in progress and helps us align with our true selves, so if we are embracing and cooperating with that, we are discovering what our souls are capable of. Approaching the path with flexibility and embracing the journey allows one to discover how they are evolving.

Soul awareness is the doorway to reality as many things seen through the lens of the personality are not real. Much of the lessons in life are to see those illusions crushed. To understand our true selves, we must live beyond the limitations of the personality and embrace the essence of our higher selves.

It is not the details of how we have gone about something that is important to the soul, but rather what our choices and attitudes were while making those decisions. To know ourselves, we must learn to cooperate with the soul, so it can work through us.

Many who say they have inner peace are likely to be experiencing astral peace not inner peace, so this does not mean that they have soul awareness. One does not experience inner peace as an imperfected human. Any peace one may feel on the will be disrupted by the soul as they are pushed to step up more, so you see peace does not reside for long as one challenged on the path to self-realisation.

Meditation is an important key to spiritual development as it facilitates the personalities alignment with the soul. Living a soul guided life embraces the true self and allows one to go beyond the limitations of the mind’s fixation with the past and future, allowing more awareness with the spiritual self.

Meet your soul ^

The soul is your higher self and inner wisdom. The soul is the very essence of who you are.

The personality is serving the soul and the soul is serving its higher self which is spirit. Its goal is to improve itself over many lifetimes, as it learns to make better personalities for it to work with on the journey to self-realisation.

The soul carries with it many memories of many lives and the lessons that have been learned. For out protection we don’t remember much about our past lives. However, we may remember significant things from another life if they are relevant to what we are learning in the present life.

Some people have trouble connecting with their inner wisdom, because there many things clouding their perspective of who they think they are. When you connect with the inner, you can begin to hear its truth and wisdom for you.

One of the issues people face when wanting to discover their spiritual self, is they don’t understand what this means for their growth. As far as the soul is concerned when you ask to align with it, you are asking to evolve more quickly. Your soul is not concerned with any difficulties you may be experiencing with your challenges, as it has an agenda for you to fulfil your best potential.

Others may inspire you to live a life guided by your inner and can be great examples of what you can achieve. However, your relationship with your soul is yours, and what you experience and learn will be unique to you.

Your inner voice will sound familiar to you, but it may not be the only voice you hear as the personality likes to overshadow the inner wisdom, because it wants what it wants. Your inner is not going to tell you what you want to hear, it is going to tell you what you need to hear.

Inner work and meditation will help you purify your thoughts and feelings over time, and as that happens your inner mentor will start to be heard more clearly. Your soul never gives up trying to steer you in the right direction. It sends you messages in the form of symbols, signs, dreams, opportunities and challenges to help you grow.

The soul speaks to us if we choose to listen. It never gives up wanting to be heard, even though one may not be listening. It put signs, symbols, challenges in our path, and plants seeds in our subconsciousness urging us to awaken to its messages for us.

The souls agenda ^

We are spiritual beings having a human life, but it can be hard for one to sense this when life doesn’t always feel like it’s spiritual.

Our soul has an agenda for us to reach it’s potential in life. It will provide us with lessons and challenges that steer us where it wants for that reason.

The soul isn’t interested in the difficulty or pressure we may be feeling in our challenges. Its focus is on helping us evolve towards our best self. Even when some things appear to ease off that we have resisted or need to learn more from, the soul will be finding another way to present what we need to fulfil its agenda.

Purpose in life does not always bring happiness and success in the way a person feels it should. The soul is happy when one is fulfilling its purpose, but on the other hand, one’s personality may be disappointed, having its own expectations.

When we align with our higher selves, we bridge the gap between the inner and outer reality, and feel more contentment in knowing we are following the path that helps us reach our true potential. Once we stop looking to find our soul's purpose, we allow it to find us.

The souls bucket list ^

We have all heard of a personal bucket list where we make a list of things we may want to do in a lifetime before we die, but are these really about life purpose.

Our soul might want us to face our fears however doing a bungee jump might give one a thrill, but it isn’t transformational and may just be a distraction from what is needed.

It’s not to say that a personal bucket may not have things on it that are one’s life purpose but many are usually to a lesser value.

Our soul has an agenda for us to reach what's possible for us in a lifetime. It will provide us with lessons and challenges that steer us you where it wants for that reason. It’s not possible to reach our best potential in one lifetime, but the goal is to fulfil as much of that bucket list as possible.

Things don’t always go to plan as we have free will to decide what we do, thus one may resist the challenges and opportunities they are presented with leaving the soul to keep finding ways for us to understand.

If we are unwilling to change our thinking and embrace these challenges for growth the soul will continue to bring other ways for it to be done, so the only way to inner peace is to cooperate.

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