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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Soul life mentoring

Mentoring is a personal, nurturing and interactive journey in navigating one’s life path. Those who want to discover their true self with this approach will find it insightful, and inspiring.

Mentoring helps people get out of the way of themselves, so they can see their true potential. Having a guide help one navigate their life path life can help a person who needs insight and clarity about their life, to go further than they would if they were travelling alone.

Depending on the type of mentor they will usually be more mature, have overcome many things, and learned life changing lessons. They can also bring with them their own unique skills, which can then set them apart from another mentor. This may be the deciding point in how one chooses their mentor.

A good mentor will meet one where they are and help them take their own journey to realization. Change is challenging for many, but a mentor can help a person understand about the benefits of the change, and the possibilities that may come from change.

When choosing a mentor, its best to make sure they will be of value to the type of growth we need. After all, that is what our inner expects from us, and provides us with challenges to learn and make better choices, so we can live a better life.

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