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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Our worth is not measured by what people say to or think of us. It is an inner knowing that cannot be shaken by another person’s opinion. If we place a need for people to constantly tell us we good, we are never going to believe it much longer than the words said.

False perception clouds one’s ability to see who they really are. The best way to improve self-worth is to overcome the false perceptions one has about themselves, so they can appreciate the value they bring to life.

There are people who come from a good up-bringing, yet they still have low self-worth issues, because they have negative perceptions about themselves. No matter how well you validate their worth, they don’t believe this of themselves.

If we can find acceptance in who we are, it can be more possible to see the value we bring to ourselves and others. We learn much of our patterns in early life and repeat them until we recognize them. This is all part of the plan for us to rediscover who we really are.

I believe that in taking on those learned patterns, we take on the complexity of someone else’s dysfunction. We are constantly trying to get out of the way of ourselves and others, so we can be our true self. As a result, we will need to evaluate often what does and doesn’t belong to us.

People with self-worth issues tend to think there is something wrong with them. Because of this, they may project things that are not real when they don’t get the response they want.

We will all feel low self-worth at times in our life. This can be a perfect time to look at whether what we are doing is bringing purpose to life. Sometimes low worth is just an indication to check in with being on track, because it’s time for change.

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