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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Discovering the true self

Self-realisation is the soul’s goal. It is a path of right action and letting go of what separates us from experiencing our true selves.

The personal growth industry talks about self-realisation as fulfilling our potential in life, which is more about workshops, seminars, self obsession and goals. Self-realisation means to know the true self and the realisation of being one with all.

The truth is revealed through us and not through others or external processes, thus the truth is not real unless it has been realised within. We cannot learn it from reading books or going to workshops, it only comes with experience.

To know ourselves, we must shift our awareness from the personality self to the higher self. It requires spiritual self-awareness and inner work, spiritual growth, meditation on the soul, contemplation and taking responsibility for the life.

The core of our essence is the soul, and most suffering is created from the mind and its attachment to the past and future. The mind wants to believe this as the personality is attached to its illusion of survival.

Walking the way of the heart connects us to soul and spirit. It is not the details of how we have gone about something that is important, but rather what our choices and attitudes were while making those decisions.

We are not the mind, yet many continue to torment themselves by dwelling in the past for an identity that is not real. We experience the real self in the stillness. Mental thought forms distort reality and are one of the greatest obstacles on the path of knowing who we are. Constant mind chatter and noise separates us from experiencing the real self.

Many want purpose, peace, contentment, and love, yet they are living a life immersed in their greed and selfishness, thus blocked from receiving the love of their soul and spirit. Love is a state of consciousness, thus it is not tied to anything outside the self, so if we want love, peace, contentment, and happiness, it is only found deep within the heart.

The path of self-realisation is an inner journey. Seeking constant self-validation from others is not helpful and is dumping on others to be involved in processes they don’t need to be part. While we may need to ask ourselves questions, over analysing ourselves is an obsession with the self and blocks the soul being able to guide us.

Freedom is obtained when we no longer believe the past has given us an identity or a guarantee that the future will be a better life. Until we abandon the hold these illusions have on our reality, there will always be the false belief of suffering. Suffering comes about every time we look towards the future for fulfilment in life.

To live in the now means there are no attachment to outcomes, but rather only to focus on the actions in the present. We then know who we are. There is no illusion about the future providing happiness and success.

We are not obsessed with chasing life goals and unreal ambitions, with the need to become something important to ourselves and others. We live in the awareness of what our souls wants for us. Inner peace is found in the stillness, and within that inner stillness we begin to become present with who we are and know we are one with all.

The past is a source for depression, the future is a source for anxiety, the present is reality and where you find peace. May your hearts be awakened to what separates you from knowing your real selves.
Devaki Sokaris.

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