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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Self-awareness is about being able to view yourself, thoughts, beliefs and your behaviour from a detached perspective so you can learn from what you have observed.

It helps you become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and patterns. It allows you to understand your values, beliefs and personability traits. It is a key factor in understanding oneself.

Be aware of the journey ^
People miss opportunities because they are often clouded by their goals and desires, so do not notice the subtleness of the many opportunities that come along. They are focused on the destination rather being aware of the journey they are taking.
Boundaries ^
Boundaries are our sanctuary for inner reflection and safety. We need them to obtain new perspective more peacefully.
Dreams ^
Reminiscing on your past dreams isn’t useful now as they are unlikely to be real for you and may never have been. It can be the very thing that is in your way of what steps to take in moving forward.
Evolving ^
When you move forward, you often get out of the way of others, which also helps them see changes for the better.
Know yourself ^
Self-awareness in knowing you cannot just be anything you want if you set your mind to it. Its about being real and choosing a path you can actually make happen.
Obstacles ^
You may meet with obstacles on your path, but don’t allow yourself to become one of them.
Perspective ^
We all come from different walks of life, so we are going to have different perspectives on things. Smart people can learn from those they don’t share the same values and opinions.
Reflection ^
Others mirror back to us what we need to heal within ourselves. It is often the kindred souls that push our buttons the most. Every interaction, conflict, shared perspective mirrors some truth about who we are.
Responsibility ^
Projecting your pain onto others by seeing them as the source of your suffering does not allow you to take responsibility for your own emotions and see people as they truly are.
Self ^
The integration of all parts of one’s self is important and really the only way a person can bring their true self consistently wherever they go.

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