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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

9.Seeking validation

People seeking unhealthy validation has been around for a long time, but since social media it has become perpetual.

The only real validation that is important is internal validation. Of course, there are times in life that feedback is needed so one knows they are on track. This not the kind of validation I am speaking about.

Real validation comes from the higher self and does not pander to look at me in my nice clothes, possessions, and nice shiny things which do not help a person become self realised.

Many say they do not need validation, yet they still seek attention for superficial shallow things in life. Emotionally they have not grown and not ready to dig deeper.

This is not the behaviour of one who has had significant change on the inner levels. A few insights and aha moments are not transformation and healing.

If one is still seeking validation through social proof, they have not transformed enough to be showing any real change in their approach to life. Until one has understood their own suffering, wisdom does not come about.

I do not say this to hurt anyone, but rather to bring attention that this behaviour shows a lack of self-awareness that they are seeking false approval, validation, and rewarding themselves with things, to deflect from real healing to take place.

Until one shift s their awareness to spiritual self-awareness, they will not evolve much from the personality’s illusions of the truth.

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