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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Personal qualities are part of what creates our personalities and can be the positive attributes that supports what we become in life.

Compassion ^
We are here to learn compassion but each of our paths take different avenues to teach us that. Developing love and compassion brings peace and inner strength to oneself and purpose.
Grounded ^
To be grounded means experiencing what is happening in the physical by being centred and balanced regardless of one’s circumstance or what’s going on.
Happiness ^
Happiness is a state of being and cannot be maintained always. If we choose to be grateful, we will experience more happiness.
Humility ^
Humility means recognizing that all we are, we have not done alone. We have been assisted by people, and divine forces seen, and unseen making it all possible.
Patience ^
We don’t see the signs when we have our focus on expectations. Those in a hurry don’t get there faster than those who have patience.
Proud ^
Pride has a lot to do with the personality but the worth of your life is between oneself and soul, so one can be proud in living a life according to the wishes of one’s soul.

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