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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Purpose is the reason for our existence. Everything we learn, overcome and experience has a purpose which contributes to our purpose in life.

Best potential ^
Living your life purpose doesn’t revolve around one sole thing whether it be your relationship, career or something else. As well as the unique gifts you bring and share with the world you have spiritual lessons to learn that help to evolve your soul to its best potential.
Evolving ^
The more we stay connected to our inner wisdom we will keep discovering the bigger picture of who we truly are. Your inner true self awaits your discovery.
Future purpose ^
Many of life’s purposes can be running at the same time in our personal and professional lives. We often get clues and snippets of purpose to come in the future if we pay attention. Those insights are just preparing us to for the change to come.
Goals ^
Align your goals with your purpose as the better you connect with your heart the more your path is illuminated with what you need for your growth, so you don’t have to worry about what you need as it will be shown to you.
Inner world ^
We all come into this world with our own unique purpose to fulfil. We already have the answers within ourselves to fulfil that purpose.
Journey ^
The journey between your head and heart may be the longest journey you will ever take but it will be the most enlightening one you will ever have.
Limitations ^
It’s better to see limitations as the gifts you came to work with rather than view them as what’s stopping you achieve your best in life as they can be the gems for real growth.
Perfection ^
We are here to become our best potential thus are always a work in progress. None of us will reach our full potential in a lifetime. Healthy perfection is striving to be your best and accepting that’s as perfect as it gets.
Purpose ^
You don’t get to live your purpose by following other people’s rules.
Soul guided life ^
Living a life that is guided by the soul allows you to connect with your inner guidance. It accelerates your growth and creates opportunities and possibilities for you that were not there before.
Value ^
We all have a purpose to serve, it is understanding the value and worth in what we bring that inspire others to bring about change for the better in their own lives.

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