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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

9.Personal versus soul's bucket list

We have all heard of a personal bucket list where you make a list of things you may want to do in your lifetime but are these really going to help, the potential you came here for?

Your soul might want you to face your fears however doing a bungee jump might give you a thrill, but it isn’t transformational and may just be a distraction from the real issues to be faced.

It’s not to say that a personal bucket may not have things on it that are one’s life purpose if one is in tune with what their soul wants for them to grow but many are usually to a lesser value.

Your soul has an agenda for you to reach its potential in life. It will provide you with lessons and challenges that steer us you where it wants for that reason. It’s not possible to reach your best potential in a lifetime, but the goal is to fulfil as much of that bucket list as possible.

Things don’t always go to plan as we have free will to decide what we do thus one may resist the challenges and opportunities they are presented with leaving the soul to keep finding ways for one to fulfil their potential.

If you are unwilling to change your thinking and embrace these challenges for growth the soul will continue to bring other ways for it to be done so the only way to inner peace is to cooperate.

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