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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

2.Personal growth

Creating life from the inside out

Many go through life feeling like life is just happening and go about their days just letting life happen of its own accord. They live feeling a victim to life paying attention to the external things going on around them because they don’t believe they have any control over how their life turns out so just leave it to chance.

A person who wants to grow will want to take charge of their own life. This is a move out of unconscious living but can also present issues with control where one tries to control others in the attempt to change their own lives. This can bring up a lot of fears and insecurity about life as one realizes they can’t change things they don’t like that are for their growth.

To live as yourself means to be real and not playing roles or personas. People see life as they are rather than how it is. Self-awareness will teach you that you are reacting to your life instead of listening and opening to what is within you. You then come to the realization the source of your suffering comes from the stories you have told yourself about your life not the experiences you’ve been through.

Personal growth is about you and your relationship with yourself. It’s about discovering who you already are and letting go of false perceptions and preconceptions of what that is. It’s about forgetting the stories you have been telling yourself and focus on now.

Most people don’t trust life because life can break your heart, bring hard challenges, illness, grief, hardship, death and more than you can handle sometimes. Life is speaking to you every day if you listen. This teaches you that you can trust life because even though you don’t always like what it delivers you know life knows its path.

It not possible to take advantage of what life offers you if you don’t open to what it has to offer. Perception is everything and when you’re clouded by your stories it’s not possible to see the horizon.

Some strategies for Personal growth are:

  1. a.Question every self-limiting belief you have that arises. Write them down and ask are they true and if they are not, then ask why you are attached to keeping them around.
  2. b.Forget the story you keep telling yourself and deal with issues in the present.
  3. c.Learn to identify your inner toolkit. This helps you respond to what is needed rather than your preconceptions allowing you more awareness of yourself, how to improve and how to keep it that way.

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