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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

3.Personal development

Taking responsibility

Many seek personal development which focuses largely on outer development, such as seminars run by self-development gurus. A lot of personal development peddled by self-improvement gurus is hype, thus not real.

We all want purpose in life. However, it’s the inner work that transforms your life, and addresses the who am I, why am I here, and where am I going. Growth is an inner journey, thus not about chasing dreams.

Taking responsibility for self-growth isn’t expecting others to spoon feed the answers or perspectives. Seeking the truth doesn’t involve running around and asking many for their perspectives. This only makes an already long path, even greater.

Most personal development work needed is done alone as we already have the answers within. Many have heard this yet ignore it and continue to seek growth outside the self.

Knowledge is not wisdom, as transformation must take place before wisdom is gained. The truth is revealed within us; thus, we must discover it from our experience, not our belief.

It’s not wrong at times to ask other people’s perspectives on things to ponder on but using other people as a measure often to feel confident about one’s own truth is not effective. Second guessing the self, creates confusion and is not the path to the truth.

Some are obsessed in their quest for knowledge. Personal and spiritual growth is a long journey. Being impatient for all the answers now can bring a lot of disappointment, and emotional imbalances to the personality.

Identifying your own internal toolkit allows you to respond to what is needed rather than you’re your preconceptions which allows you more awareness of yourself, how to improve and how to keep it that way.

If you want to have a better life you can be in control of, you will have to make changes in what you think and do. After all, that is what your inner expects from you, and provides you with challenges to learn and make better choices, so you can live a better life.

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