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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

1.Perception creates reality

When a person’s perception is clouded, it limits them in seeing things from a broader perspective. The only way to change your perception is to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions, and what they are doing to create your reality.

Changing perspective requires one to be willing to see a different way of looking at something.

This can only be effectively done by staying in the present. Many people have difficulty in believing that because it has been installed into their brains that they must dredge up, and analyse their past to find solutions. You are living the consequences of your past in the present moment, so the present is the only place you can be empowered to make changes, and better choices for your life.

When you open up to fresh perspective, it provides you with understanding you didn’t have before, thus allowing you to see a bigger picture.

If you view yourself through negative lens you will most likely create a reality of what you are projecting. A shift in perspective can alleviate repeat patterns, and lessons that are stopping you from effectively moving forward in life.

Through attaining good self-awareness, you can create a life you want to experience rather than be kept from it.

The only way to change your view of the world around you is to change your perception of it, and in doing so you transform your consciousness!

Changing self-perception ^

Changing self-perception is necessary for personal improvement and growth. How we live our lives will depend on what our self-perception is of who we are, and what we think we are capable of.

Many people with limiting self-perception will go through life not fulfilling their potential. Dwelling in the past allows the past to control the present and keeps a person stuck.

For some people, they just need insight into how they have created their present circumstances through choices and repeat behaviour patterns so they can apply themselves by making the changes to enable a better life.

Others find it too difficult to change even after awareness has been created, because they allow their inner conflicts to control them and have become too attached to the thinking, and behaviour patterns that disrupt their potential.

Can both types of people be helped?

The answer is yes, but people who has serious inner conflicts to work through and may be struggling with a lot of self-doubt, anxiety, depression, trauma, negative beliefs, painful-abusive relationships or addictive behaviours will need therapy to heal first before they are ready to take charge of their lives and fulfil their potential.

However, a person who is generally okay and ready to climb mountains, they will benefit tremendously from a non-traditional method that fast tracks the awareness and clarity they need to understand about themselves and situation, so they can make the necessary changes to enable change that allows them to reach their potential.

Strategies ^

Strategies help turn theory into reality.

Some strategies to change perception are:

  1. 1.Get real - Start looking inward for answers as when you are guided by what’s real you can develop a more effective way to deal with life. You may discover some things that do not appear real for you straight away. That means that you will need to take time to think about these things.
  2. 2.Welcome change - Embrace your life as it is now because when you embrace all that you have in front of you, it allows you the chance to do what you can do.
  3. 3.Be mindful - Take your time and be conscious of your actions and choices, as becoming more aware of what you are creating will help you make better choices for your life.
  4. 4.Practice gratitude - Be grateful for the good in your life, as focusing on your concerns undermines your ability to make positive change. Changing your perspective can make the world of difference.
  5. 5.Expect ups and downs - Part of life is to experience challenges so you can grow. You’re not supposed to get it right every time. Be compassionate towards yourself as this will help build the confidence you need to get where you want to be.

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