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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

My music

I am inspired to write songs that embrace the true self, humanity, and the greater consciousness. They reflect life lessons, love, life purpose, and spirituality.

I recorded a collection of songs that weave folk with nuances of country, pop, bluegrass, and a touch of jazz.

These tracks are available as Journey of the Heart from your favourite streaming/download site, and can be listened to on YouTube:

Cover art for Journey of the heart, with Devaki singing into microphone

All recordings were co-produced by Devaki and Patanjali Sokaris, and mixed and mastered by Patanjali Sokaris.

I sang all lead vocals. I sang all backing vocals, except for those by Anne Christine Wold on I believe in love and Love is all there is. All guitars, drums and percussion by Nissim Solomon. Piano and keyboard arrangements by Benjamin de Murashkin.

I sang all lead vocals, and played rhythm and finger-style guitar on all tracks. Patanjali Sokaris played lead guitar, mandolin and bass guitar.

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