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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

My music

Take a journey of the heart through heartfelt songs, lyrics and videos, that reflect on love, life lessons, purpose and spirituality.

This page shares lyrics, audio and videos that inspire one to embrace the heart. May you find something here that touches your heart.

I started singing, writing lyrics, and playing guitar in 2000 at the age of 42. I play finger style-rhythm guitar, and over the years I have developed my own finger style weaved with rhythm and lead.

The music industry has so many recycled messages with the same sounding musicians. Because of this, I choose to create a lot in isolation of the influence of other musicians, so to remain true to myself and style.

However, I am sure the music I listened to growing up has influenced or shaped me in some way to the artist I became. I feel this will be the experience of many musicians. What I have taken from that experience has created my own voice and style rather than being defined by sounding like another artist.


I recorded a collection of songs that weave folk with nuances of country, pop, bluegrass, and a touch of jazz.

These tracks are available as Journey of the Heart from your favourite streaming/download site, and can be listened to on YouTube.

All recordings were co-produced by Devaki and Patanjali Sokaris, and mixed and mastered by Patanjali Sokaris.

I sang all lead vocals. I sang all backing vocals, except for those by Anne Christine Wold on I believe in love and Love is all there is. All guitars, drums and percussion by Nissim Solomon. Piano and keyboard arrangements by Benjamin de Murashkin.

I sang all lead vocals and played rhythm,lead and finger-style guitar on all tracks. Patanjali Sokaris played lead guitar, mandolin and bass guitar.


These live video recordings are a collection of raw, unplugged, and stripped back versions of new songs, and previously recorded studio recordings. All the lyrics for these songs are provided with the video.

You can view these on my Journey of the heart music channel at Vimeo. If you would like to be notified of new ones, please subscribe to my channel when viewing them.

All videos were recorded by Devaki Sokaris. All lyrics, music, and vocals by Devaki Sokaris, except for Garden of love lyrics by Patanjali Sokaris.

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