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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

4.Mindset is not belief

Mindset is not belief thus unless we challenge our beliefs, we cannot change anything for real.

Mindset is just a set of attitudes, nothing new there. The mindset strategies some people are teaching these days are more a set of platitudes.

Many are frightened to change their perspective, because they have been influenced to think if they have the right mindset, they can manifest what they want. The reality is we are not entitled to have something because we believe it is ours.

Problems with mindset ^

We cannot control the decisions and actions of others, so just believing you have a job before an interview will not influence the interview panel. Chanting in one’s head I’ve got the job is not real.

The term change your mindset has become a cliché, like many things losing what is real, and if that isn't enough, we are bombarded with inspirational quotes to keep us going when clearly it isn’t enough.

Failure is part of life, so why do we keep measuring our life by the label’s 'failure' and 'success', when they are just experiences that shape us. What one may see as a failure, another will recognize as being something that was not one’s purpose.

All outcomes are not final, but merely a fork in the road for more of the story to be continued, thus what may have been viewed as failure was there to allure one in another direction.

The problem with mindset is it is often a fake it to make it approach, thus being more of a distraction in order to make themselves feel better, rather than deal with what is real. The personality is very good in setting up an illusion of the truth where one can justify their perception of the truth.

Mindset can be helpful in the early stage to get one in the right frame of mind, if one doesn’t fool themselves in believing that is all that is needed. A lot of mindset growth becomes words one mumbles which don’t manifest anything real.

If we create our life from the inside out, our mindset will change naturally to align with what is real. To change we must know what emotional, and thought patterns are driving the decisions we make every day. From there, we can begin to make better decisions that allow us to become who we really can be.

Mindset is not a magic bullet for dealing with issues or manifesting the change you want. Many people have attachments to their limiting beliefs, so need to dig deeper in understanding their attachment before they can overcome them.

You've got this ^

‘If I can do it, you can’ is a pitch people use who don’t understand we each have a unique path to us.

We do not know what another person’s lessons are to become who they truly are, so we need to be inspiring people to follow their own souls and not strive for what others have for the illusion of happiness but rather to focus on what may be possible for them.

We do not have the right to tell anyone they have got this because you don’t know what they are experiencing so to tell them they have got this can make their circumstances feel worse. Many people have not got this and that’s where they are.

Meet people where they are and show them through your own life what you have overcome which can give them hope that they have their own opportunities for changing life for the better.

We live in a society that gives people false perceptions that they can become a rocket scientist if they want to be by adopting an attitude that they can do it just because someone else could do it.

Everyone will experience times when they have not got this and that’s okay. We need to allow people to work through the ‘’I haven’t got this moment’’. Growth requires commitment and persistence, so there will be times when we are not moving forward. That time can be used to reflect and will often bring some valuable insights.

It is still a person’s choice how much they are willing to change to grow. It not our place to judge them for their choices. We all have limitations in some way or form because they are there to help anchor us into seeing what is real and where we need to dig deeper.

Hope ^

Hope is often based on what is not real. It’s not a promise of an outcome that makes us feel better.

Hope works with the greater consciousness of the universes plan, so it doesn’t work with what our preconceptions are. It helps to keep us hanging in there while we accept and adjust to the changes ahead.

It’s not helpful to tell someone everything will be okay, because we do not know what they’re experiencing. The higher self has another idea about what’s okay for the lesson, but the person may not understand the outcome, so it doesn’t mean they will feel everything is ok.

Hope can often be an unrealistic view of the change wanted, rather than what is real. Some of the fears felt may be the reality of what needs to be faced in moving forward. That can be a painful process, but another path cannot be taken while staying in hope of something that is not real.

We don’t ask the universe to fix our issues or problems, rather than taking responsibility for them. The universe is not responsible for what we have created. We must ask, what we can do to change our circumstances for the better.

Not trusting life can disrupt the path being put in place. We want to be kept in the loop because the unknown is uncomfortable. The lesson is to get comfortable with not ever knowing the whole truth and accepting it as a work in progress.

Even though all may not be understood, nothing is final. It is best to draw on inner strength and wisdom for comfort, and guidance in weathering the storms life dishes out.

Validation ^

People seeking unhealthy validation has been around for a long time, but since social media it has become perpetual.

The only real validation that is important is internal validation. Of course, there are times in life that feedback is needed so one knows they are on track. This not the kind of validation I am speaking about.

Real validation comes from the higher self and does not pander to look at me in my nice clothes, possessions, and nice shiny things which do not help a person become self realised.

Many say they do not need validation, yet they still seek attention for superficial shallow things in life. Emotionally they have not grown and not ready to dig deeper.

This is not the behaviour of one who has had significant change on the inner levels. A few insights and aha moments are not transformation and healing.

If one is still seeking validation through social proof, they have not transformed enough to be showing any real change in their approach to life. Until one has understood their own suffering, wisdom does not come about.

I do not say this to hurt anyone, but rather to bring attention that this behaviour shows a lack of self-awareness that they are seeking false approval, validation, and rewarding themselves with things, to deflect from real healing to take place.

Until one shifts their awareness to spiritual self-awareness, they will not evolve much from the personality’s illusions of the truth.

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