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Devaki Sokaris

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When you go beyond the form that you use to get there, you are meditating.

A lot of things have crept into western language as being meditation when they are about relaxation and contemplation.

Things that serve the personality are not meditation, they are relaxation or a prelude that facilitates meditation, but of themselves they are not meditation. Mindfulness is not meditation, as it is contemplating being aware in the present moment.

It’s not meditation unless you’re putting your awareness to the soul (higher self) and letting it consciously work through you. It’s in purifying our hearts and minds through meditation that we allow our higher selves to work through us in daily life.

Some examples of what’s not meditation, though they may facilitate meditation, are:

  1. a.Guided imagery - healing, relaxation, visualization.
  2. b.Yoga nidra - pain management, stress, relaxation, anxiety.
  3. c.Meditation music - relaxation, aids meditation for some.
  4. d.Mindfulness - awareness, being present.
  5. e.Contemplation - offering up questions to the inner for answers.
  6. f.Mantras - help you focus the mind so you can go beyond that but unless you go beyond that they are just words.

These forms are not meditation because meditation is beyond all form. They are best viewed as a tool kit to get to a meditation state.

Starting meditation ^

When you’re just starting out in learning meditation, I don’t recommend you ask a whole lot of people what they do.

There are many ways to meditate and different things work for different people. Too much input from others can cause a lot of confusion of what path to take. The important thing first, is to be clear on what you are meditating for, and what you want to achieve from meditation. Some meditation accelerates growth, whereas another is to manage other needs.

If you have never meditated before, start with 10 mins a day and build up to 20 to 30 minutes as you get used to stilling your mind.

Its best to keep it simple and focus more on sitting in silence. Choose a mantra you relate to that brings you back to your meditation, if your mind starts to chatter and wander. Peace is a simple one if you can’t think of one. Its purpose is just to bring you back to meditation.

Don’t be afraid to experiment more if it isn’t quite doing it for you. There is no fast track in being able to meditate well. You will have good day and bad days with mind chatter, which isn’t an indication you need to try another meditation.

It takes time to discipline quieting the mind and being present. It can take years for some to truly be skilled in meditation, so its not something you take up for a quick fix.

Contemplation ^

Contemplation and meditation are important in the process of soul consciousness. Contemplation is best done separate from meditation.

The soul does not allow us to experience inner peace for long periods of time, because as soon as we feel peace, we are urged to step up more, let go of something else or work on some other inner conflict.

The path of detachment brings inner peace. Inner peace is a work in progress, and not fully attained until we reach self-realisation. Many think they have inner peace when they have astral peace.

Tuning into the heart going into contemplation or meditation helps to focus on the heart center. You then offer up questions to your higher self, about your concerns or what you want answers for about your life path. Answers may not come in the session. You just leave them to work in your subconscious and they will come in the right timing.

It is not a matter of just sitting and meditating to connect to one’s soul. It would be pointless if one has not started to taken steps in shifting their awareness to the spiritual self. There is no wisdom of the heart if the channel is closed. A daily heart attunment helps in aligning with one’s soul before contemplation or meditation.

The soul is the essence of reality, thus if one cannot put their personality aside, they cannot open to the deeper insights of their inner wisdom.

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