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Journey of the heart


In meditation we sit with the higher self. Meditation is the key to spiritual awareness, thus the real self does not reveal itself without connection to the soul.

Negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings highlight what limits us, thus brings attention to where healing is needed. We are not living life as a formless being of light. We are here to experience our true selves as a human being, thus we are spiritual beings evolving in a human life, and why the path to self realisation is a very long one.

The personality is an expression of the soul, and its evolution is to learn to serve the soul, so we can live our life’s purpose.

Many think they do not need to sit in meditation or contemplation. Bridging the gap between the personality and soul does not happen without conscious attention to the higher self. As a physical being, it is not possible to have soul consciousness 24/7, but sitting with the higher self regularly allows us to bridge the gap between personality and soul, thus keeping a connection to the higher self.

Our evolution is not about being a slave to the mind’s distortion of the truth. In the stillness we see life more like it is. We experience both worlds of reality and illusion, thus we are swinging between different stages of consciousness as we evolve.

Evolution is about returning to unity thus the stillness. In stillness we are vibrating in our natural state of unity, which allows the personality to experience the flow of awareness. In the stillness of meditation, the true self will reveal itself. This is when we begin to feel union with all.

Introduction to meditation
[Longer transcript of video]
Welcome to meditations and healing. You cannot teach someone to meditate, but you can show them where to look. We all must find our own way to the soul’s wisdom. I have kept meditations simple for a reason because much of what is around from spiritual and meditation teachers is over engineered with unnecessary spoon feeding to keep you attached to them and their teachings, thus more about them not you. People do not need a guided meditation to address every issue they are experiencing or quality they want to attain.

This why I have only provided one meditation for each section as the aim is once you are confident in doing these meditations yourself, you do not use the guided version. This is when you can design and experiment with what time of day you meditate, how long you sit, and what you discover for your spiritual growth.

Spirituality is not about being spoon fed for spiritual development. A spiritual teacher’s role is to bring your awareness to the soul and learn to be your own to be your own teacher. The soul is our teacher. We are here to serve our souls and our souls are here to serve spirit. Spirituality is a state of consciousness, which shines through in how we meet the world. It is a way of the heart.

I work from simplicity and relevance to make myself redundant very quickly. My aim is to give you some tools to experiment with and point you in the right place to use them. It depends on where you are now and what you are willing to commit to at this stage of your path. Your inner self awaits your discovery.

What is meditation ^

When you go beyond the form that you use to get there, you are meditating.

A lot of things have crept into western language as being meditation when they are about relaxation and contemplation.

Things that serve the personality are not meditation, they are relaxation or a prelude that facilitates meditation, but of themselves they are not meditation. Mindfulness is not meditation, as it is contemplating being aware in the present moment.

It’s not meditation unless you’re putting your awareness to the soul (higher self) and letting it consciously work through you. It’s in purifying our hearts and minds through meditation that we allow our higher selves to work through us in daily life.

Some examples of what’s not meditation, though they may facilitate meditation, are:

  1. a.Guided imagery - Clarity, healing
  2. b.Yoga nidra - pain management, stress, relaxation, anxiety, mindfulness
  3. c.Meditation music - relaxation, aids meditation for some
  4. d.Mindfulness - awareness, being present
  5. e.Contemplation - offering up questions to the higher self for answers
  6. f.Mantras - help you focus the mind so you can go beyond that but unless you go beyond that they are just words.

These forms are not meditation because meditation is beyond all form. They are best viewed as precursors that help one enter the meditation.

Spiritual awareness ^

Spiritual awareness is connecting with our spiritual selves which is our true nature.

Spirituality is the path of discovering the true self, being soul and spirit. We connect to our true nature in meditation. This is the place where we can bring our attention to the inner and experience our souls.

As we become more aware of the soul’s inner light and wisdom, we move into higher consciousness. This allows the soul to express itself in our daily lives. Our soul’s light uplifts, transforms, and heals us. The more people in the world that become conscious of their souls will embody the collective consciousness and become one with all.

The levels of connection from the highest are:

  • Spirit - I am presence, god self
  • Soul - higher self, serving spirit
  • Heart - gateway to the soul
  • Personality - physical, mental, emotional.

Beginning meditation ^

When you’re just starting out in learning meditation, I don’t recommend you ask a whole lot of people what they do.

Too much input from others can cause a lot of confusion. The important thing first, is to be clear on what you are meditating for, and what you want to achieve from meditation. If you have never meditated before, start with 10 mins and build up to 30 minutes or a time that suits your needs.

Its best to keep it simple and focus more on sitting in silence. Choose a mantra you relate to that brings you back to your meditation, if your mind starts to chatter and wander. Peace is a simple one if you can’t think of one. Its purpose is just to bring you back to meditation.

Don’t be afraid to experiment more if it isn’t quite doing it for you. There is no fast track in being able to meditate well. You will have good day and bad days with mind chatter, which isn’t an indication you need to try another meditation.

Its not possible to remove all thoughts, but as you become more focused and aware they will be less over time. Thoughts are not the issue but rather we need to distance from them. As soon as you identify yourself within them you are not meditating. It takes time to discipline quieting the mind and being present. It can take years for some to truly be skilled in meditation, so its not something you take up for a quick fix.

At the core we are the soul. Many do guided meditations with imagery that puts the soul separate to the self when it is not separate from us. Those who do not experience the souls influence in their lives are asleep to their true selves, living from the personalities wants.

The heart is the gateway to our soul. It is the place where we feel the presence of our higher self. In the heart of the soul, we will find love, wisdom, compassion, and purpose.

Sitting with the higher self brings union and understanding of the true self. The more you build the connection with the souls inner wisdom, the more you become your true self.

All guided meditations here are recorded with background music. However, I will be having them professionally mixed by my husband with new meditation music as he can get to them.

Soul awareness meditation
[Transcript of audio]
Sit with your back straight, hands in your lap or wherever you prefer. Take 3 deep breaths, breathing in and out the white light.

Mentally affirm 3 times I go within. Focus your attention on your heart centre (middle of the chest), Visualise a beam of golden light radiating from your heart going through the top of your head extending to your higher self. You may visualise your higher self as a being of light radiating above your head.

Continue to breath n a relaxed and calm way as we now as we enter the soul meditation. Mentally affirm, ‘The light of my soul permeates my thoughts, feelings, and actions, I am my soul.’ Continue to sit in the light of the soul for the next 10 minutes. If your thoughts drift off, gently bring your attention back to the inner, and say ‘I am my soul’.

We have come to the end of the soul meditation. Slowly come back to daily consciousness, and give thanks to your soul. Take the energy of your soul light out into your daily life and allow it to illuminate your path with truth, compassion, and purpose.

Mindfulness ^

Mindfulness is about placing attention to the now, without attachment or becoming absorbed in thoughts or what we are experiencing, thus we become the observer without judgment.

In the moment, now is all there is. Non- judgmental awareness of the present moment is an important key in finding peace and happiness. It free’s us from attachment, thus suffering the false realities of the past and future.

Mindfulness first began as a Buddhist practice and was a good precursor to meditation, focusing on the breath, and the physical to stay in the presence of now. Today it is used a lot in western culture and medicine. However, it has been altered to suit western personality agendas. It is also being used by many psychotherapists who unfortunately have altered it to be more like regression than mindfulness, thus more about the past than the present.

Mindfulness is a form of concentration, and may include focusing on the breath, what we are feeling in the present, guided imagery and other relaxation practices that create stillness in the now. Whatever you choose to bring your awareness to whether it be your body, the breath, or the environment, you remain an observer.

We can practice mindfulness in all we do by becoming present with what we experience in the moment, thus not distracted, or bothered about other things going around us, which is also about being grounded. To be grounded means experiencing what is happening in the physical by being centered and balanced regardless of our circumstances or what is going on.

Mindfulness brings about a state of peace, lowers the heart rate, promotes better sleep and helps to calm the mind, making it helpful in anxiety and stress disorders. It is also a precursor for spiritual growth, as it teaches us to be grounded, down to earth and living in reality, which is important to living a spiritual life.

To listen to guided mindfulness, click on link underneath the image to the right.

Mindfulness meditation
[Transcript of video]
Sit with your back straight, hands in your lap or wherever you prefer. Close your eyes and take three deep breathes, breathing in peace and breathing out peace (1 min).

Focus your attention on your heart centre (middle of the chest). See a soft pink flame radiating there (1 min). See a beam of golden light streaming from your heart centre to your head. Feel how this light embraces your heart and mind (2 mins). Mentally affirm 3 times - I surrender to the presence of now.

Gently bring your attention to your breath (pause) and observe your breath, just letting it be what is comfortable and flows naturally (pause).

Remain in the presence of your breath (pause) just observing without a worry to anything else that may be going on around you (pause). Continue to be in the now of your breathing. If you find your mind wandering, bring your awareness back to your breath, and mentally affirm, I surrender to the presence of nowI surrender to the presence of now.

Now broaden your awareness to your body as you continue to stay with your breath (pause) feeling your whole body from head to foot (pause). Notice the sensation of the in breath and exhale of the out breath, and how they work in harmony together (pause). Remain here in the presence of your breath feeling calm and relaxed (pause).

We have come to the end of mindfulness. Bring your awareness back to daily consciousness. Take the presence of now into your daily life and into all that you do.

Contemplation ^

Contemplation is about seeking answers through higher intuition for guidance, clarity and understanding.

The soul does not allow us to experience inner peace for long periods of time, because as soon as we feel peace, we are urged to step up more, let go of something else or work on some other inner conflict.

The path of detachment brings inner peace. Inner peace is a work in progress, and not fully attained until we reach self-realisation. Many think they have inner peace when they have astral peace.

Tuning into the heart going into contemplation or meditation helps to focus on the heart center. You then offer up questions to your higher self, about your concerns or what you want answers for about your life path. Answers may not come in the session. You just leave them to work in your subconscious and they will come in the right timing.

It is not a matter of just sitting and meditating to connect to one’s soul. It would be pointless if one has not started to taken steps in shifting their awareness to the spiritual self. There is no wisdom of the heart if the channel is closed. A daily heart attunment helps in aligning with the soul before contemplation or meditation.

The soul is the essence of reality, thus if one cannot put their personality aside, they cannot open to the deeper insights of their inner wisdom.

Answers may or may not come in the sitting. Allow your question to seep into your subconscious without attachment, thus sleep on it, as the answers will come in their own timing. They may come while you are going about your daily life. Be mindful that these may be in the form of Archetypes (symbols, images) and words. You can increase your sit time to suit your needs. For those new to contemplation will likely need to visit there question a few times before they recognise the answers given to them.

Contemplation is best done separate from meditation, as it helps still mind shatter of what is worrying someone when they are meditating. Contemplation can be used and is important in making major life decisions when one meets with challenging and life changing decisions.

Contemplation meditation
[Transcript of audio]
Take 3 deep breathes, breathing in peace and breathing out peace. Mentally affirm 3 times, I honour my higher self.

Focus your attention on your heart centre (middle of the chest). Visulise a soft pink flame gently radiating there (30 secs). See a beam of golden light streaming from your heart, going through the top of your head, and extending to your higher self, which is your true self. You may visualize this as a being of light above your head.

Ask your higher self the question that you want clarity and guidance on. Sit quietly for the next 10 minutes bringing your attention to your question a few times throughout the meditation. This helps to keep the inner focus.

We have come to the end of contemplation. Slowly return to daily consciousness, and give thanks in your higher self.

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